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April 17, 2024

McDonald's Owner in California Says:

“We have realized that we are unable to solve our way out of this challenge just with price,” said Kerri Harper-Howie, a 21-unit McDonald’s franchisee in Los Angeles County. “We can’t do it. Our customers are price sensitive.”

More from Maze - Restaurant Business Online

Higher Prices and More Locations ,,,

... drove chain restaurant sales last year - J. Maze gets into the numbers 

April 9, 2024

This Year's Legal Eagles

Franchise Times magazine has released its "Legal Issues" issue featuring the top franchise attorneys in the USA. In addition to a comprehensive graphic listing the attorneys, there are numerous articles and comments from these attorneys.

If you start with the main page HERE on the right, you'll find links to the articles. In the middle of the page, there's a link to a PDF copy of the entire section.

April 5, 2024

Earthquakes can be serious business, but as a survivor of hundreds of California earthquakes, I had to roll my eyes a little at the dramatics coming out of New York this morning.

My most memorable was in San Francisco, at a joint meeting of the San Francisco McDonald’s Co-Op and those involved in their Ronald McDonald House. The venue was a hospital in the city with a spectacular view of the skyline and bay—hence, lots of windows.

The window coverings were big, heavy venetian blinds. As the building shook, the blinds began to bang against the window glass, amplifying our fear factor. 

Sensing the room’s concern, one of the doctors stepped to the microphone and said, “Not to worry; you’re already in a medical center.”

March 20, 2024

Anonymous is Anonymous

A friend sent a note asking me to check to see if their comment came through as “anonymous” with no identifying info. This reminds me that I should make my annual remarks about how this website works.

To comment in any way other than “anonymous,” one must sign in with a user ID and E-mail address. Then, after writing their comment, they confirm all of the information. That requires a lot of conscious effort versus just clicking on anonymous. Few people have ever done that.

Most importantly, as the administrator of this website, I approve everything that gets posted or commented on. If a person were to do anything but post anonymously, I wouldn’t approve it, and the information would disappear into the ether. So, it’s impossible for someone to accidentally display their identity.

There’s another security aspect here - the website and your E-mail have nothing to do with each other. My E-mail server is a completely different service than the website - two different vendors. There’s no connection. That’s why we don’t have one of those “contact us” forms on the website. My E-mail address is displayed, but it’s not a click-thru.

Just because you are in my E-mail address book doesn’t mean a thing. The website doesn't know you exist.

You are accessing the website through the weblink, not your E-mail account.

So please relax and make some anonymous comments.

March 19, 2024

Greenberg Last to Serve as McDonald's CEO and Chairman

Greenberg to retire from McDonald's - QSR mag - December 2002

Greenberg's failures weaken same-store sales - LA Times - December 2002

“They should drastically slow the pace of new store openings in the United States, preferably to zero,” said David Kolpak, an analyst with Victory Capital Management.

Three Reasons to Separate CEO and Chair Positions

The issue of whether holding both roles reduces the effectiveness of the board is a hot topic and often rears its head at shareholder meetings - Investopedia

Google this: "serve as chair of board and ceo"

Generative AI is experimental. Learn more
In many companies, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) also serves as the chair of the board, also known as the COB (chairperson of the board)This is common in large companies, especially those that have grown quickly and still retain the founder in these roles. However, some say that the two roles should be separated to strengthen the company's overall integrity. The dual roles can involve governance risks, such as conflict of interest and excessive concentration of power, which can lead to financial, operational, and reputational issues. 

March 8, 2024

McDonald's Insider Trades

Yahoo finance looks at MCD insider trades

Keeping the System Out of Date

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a copy of McDonald’s corporate “Global Daily Briefing. “ The most recent version (3/4/24) differs from previous releases, but I can’t tell when changes occurred.

Previously, the vendor that put the briefing together threw in the kitchen sink with almost any headline, including topics that weren’t all that positive for McDonald’s or didn’t fit into the then corporate agenda.

The recent publication is more condensed and is apparently limited to topics that MCDHQ would like employees and Owners to absorb, buying into a bit of brainwashing.

For instance, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) are discussed as though it was 2022, and the concepts had not been discredited over and over again. Companies are now embarrassed to admit ESG has been a priority, and DEI is being recognized as a new form of corporate-sponsored racism. 

Current polls on any political topic tell us that Americans have moved past issues such as ESG and DEI.

But MCDHQ marches on - as woke as ever and as antiquated as an EV charging station.

February 29, 2024

February 28, 2024

Wendy's CEO: "Did I say That? ... I Didn't Say That!"

Corporate CEOs often get in trouble trying to impress analysts and investors on quarterly conference calls. In this case, Wendy's new CEO implied the company might use dynamic pricing in the future. In the case of McDonald's, the CEO has recently implied that he, and he alone, would do something about "value" and menu pricing in the restaurants.

"We didn’t use that phrase, nor do we plan to implement that practice,”

The Today Show interviews Jonathan Maze -

NRN reports on political backlash

February 23, 2024

Union's Day of Action Against Starbucks

I've always thought Howard Schultz was among the dumbest people in American business. With the liberal, left-wing directions he's taken Starbucks, it's amazing he's built such a vast company and survived. But what do you get when you build a company based on your liberal "woke" policies and staff it with people who agree with your politics?

You get a Union Shop; that's what you get.

Starbucks unions stage a national day of action against chain

February 20, 2024

Who is This "Chef"?

Since the Internet's early days, when AOL and Yahoo first began providing chat or comment functions on their financial pages, there have been wackos insisting that the meat patties on McDonald's sandwiches were getting smaller.

If the patties had shrunk over the years as much as these numskulls claim, there would be nothing but air between the sesame buns. 

And now a former "chef" claims that it's true? This guy must have left McDonald's with a lot of money since he won't make much by being famous on social media.

February 17, 2024

McDonald's and McKinsey - Anonymous Opinion

Have you seen the video of Missouri Senator Hawley's grilling of the CEO of McKinsey in the US Senate? ( is strong proof of unethical, disqualifying representation for everyone to use to oppose retaining McKinsey, the "fox in the hen house", as McKinsey has been so exposed it provides the "smoking gun" evidence directly, (along w/ the book "When McKinsey Comes to Town"), and shows how corrupt McKinsey really is.

Continue reading HERE

February 15, 2024

Speaking of Best Lines...

 From this week's NOA message:

"Driving sales without improving cash flow is not a path franchisees can afford to travel."

Will that fit on a T-shirt in the NOA merchandise store?

Vote for Higher Minimum Wage?

This paper was sent in by an NOA friend, expanding our discussion about voters and the "living wage."

Describing an MIT study, this is the best line:

"However, White adds, “people could be changing their attitude toward government and what government can do for them, because they just learned that government can raise their pay."

Study: Higher Minimum Wages Raise Voter Turnout - MIT

CNBC Covers NOA Memo

  Discussing value pricing by McDonald's Owners  - Yahoo     


February 12, 2024

California Senate Candidate Proposes $50 Minimum Wage

California Congresswoman Barbara Lee wants to mandate inflation

The USA has finally crossed the economic Rubicon. For decades, the minimum wage was a training wage for unskilled people. But it is now a “living wage” where the employees should make enough to have a home or apartment, a car, and several flat-screen TVs. Oh yeah, and be able to support a spouse and a few kids.

And this isn’t just about California. There are politicians all over the country as ignorant as Congresswoman Lee. This concept will continue to spread nationally, and politicians will be able to buy votes by promising the masses that the government has the power to legislate their standard of living. 

The new approach to the “minimum wage” may be the most inflationary thing to ever happen to the domestic economy.

January 26, 2024

Rescuing the Padres

It was this week that Ray Kroc saved baseball for San Diego

Everybody Wants to be A "Growth Company"

Jack-in-the-Box may, in fact, be one. CEO says they have "tremendous white space across the USA."

Industry veterans will remember that Jack tries to push east every 15-20 years. It doesn't work out, and they retrench back west, saying, "Never mind."

January 23, 2024

Another Review of CosMc's

I recently spoke with a McDonald' Owner/Operator who says it makes her skin crawl when she sees this picture or pictures like it showing both brands literally sharing the same parking lot. She knows what that means for the future of the McDonald's franchise.

       "...beverage heavy ... compete with Starbucks?" - AOL news

First Ever In-N-Out Store Closure

Crime forces Oakland CA store to close in March

January 18, 2024

Can We Agree, This EV Thing is About Over?


The key to surviving a harsh winter is having a dependable vehicle. Why would people switch to an even less dependable technology?

EV owners confront a harsh foe: Cold Weather

What happened to EVs? - Business Insider

January 16, 2024

When You Get Really Big, Who's Your Buyer?

Your franchisor, of course - RBI (BK), to buy Carrol Group's 1,000 BK stores

"Burger King ultimately plans to refranchise the restaurants to “smaller franchise operators who live in their local communities.” 

January 10, 2024

Government Relations is a Dirty Business

The promotion of Sam Tatevosyan and the hiring of Melissa Walsh in McDonald’s government relations means that McDonald’s Corp’s political activities will follow the same old political direction. While it’s good to know that Tatevoyan once worked for a Republican Senator, he also spent eight years at an extremely left-wing D.C. lobbying firm. How does one swim in that liberal swamp and come out truly believing in free enterprise and entrepreneurship?

Melissa Walsh has spent much of her time working on government affairs, but it appears that her career focus has been on philanthropy and fundraising. In other words, liberals employing liberals to give money to other liberals. She and her wife should have no trouble fitting into the Woke McDonald’s corporate culture.

Both of these folks have had exciting careers, but that’s just the point. Our National politics have changed dramatically in the past few years. Just because someone was in government affairs or lobbying ten years ago doesn’t mean they understand what’s going on today.

Who knew, just a few years ago, that we would have powerful politicians working to defund the police, purposefully turning major cities into homeless encampments, erasing our international borders, and siding with the terrorists during international conflicts? And on and on. Who has the skills to work with people like that? If these trends continue, Government Relations will be nothing but bribery and influence peddling. None of it will be for the good of the country.

While McDonald’s Corp employs people who claim they can work in these spaces, McDonald’s Owner/Operators should admit to themselves that they don’t really understand today's politics. That might be why, if I understand the reports, about 40% of Owner/Operator contributions and expenditures go to the liberal left and their party.

That might have worked at the turn of the century, but today, it’s feeding the anti-American beast.  

Boston Market - This Isn't Really Franchising

If McDonald's opens too many new stores in the wrong places this might be the solution.

Just give them away.

Boston Market, anybody can own one anywhere