Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 28, 2007

Want a More Independent Co-Op?

Secret Ballot is the key. Secret Ballots
may be the answer to the continuing tactics
forcing Operators into major reinvestment
programs by Co-Op votes.


November 13, 2007

Thompson Comes Clean on CBI Costs

"We want to move from beverage as an accompaniment
to beverages as a destination, said Don Thompson,
president of McDonald's USA.

Well that's a nice goal but it's a "vision" or a
"dream" it's not a business plan and not a business

Thompson goes on to admit that the Operators will
likely spend $100,000 a store for the roll out.

Article from Chicago Tribune


November 4, 2007

Some History - Franchise Equity Group

Here's a 2003 article from Nation's Restaurant News
about franchise consulting that details Jim Johnaseen's
response to my claim that McDonald's screws down the selling
price when an Operator is leaving the McDonald's system.

He repeats the statment (from 1986): "McDonald's has made more
millionaires than any other business".

What's that go to do with anything? That doesn't justify
aggressively devaluing stores.

If an Operator has $5 Million in equity and they walk with
$1.5 Million that doesn't make it right.