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November 13, 2009

An Owner/Operator Comments on McCafe

In THIS BusinessWeek article


Thompson on McCafe

McDonald's manangment continues to claim McCafe is
"exceeding expectations". I finally figured out what
that means - based on the four years of testing
manangment only expected a store to sell 40 a day!

In this article Don Thompson
told analysts, "The question I get is, has McCafe
been good for our business? And I confidently say
'yes.' Were it not, you might not see me here today,"


McDonald's Operator Cash Flow?

During the November 12th ananlyst meeting MCD
investors were told:

"The average US McDonald's franchisee unit had
operational cash flow of $314K/unit last year
likely pre-debt service), and average equity of
$4.7M per owner/operator."

One analyst's take is HERE