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March 27, 2013

Does McDonald's Have 'Anti-Veto Vote' Menu Items?

I've never bought into the "Veto Vote" theory. It's just that - a theory
some marketing guy dreamed up to justify expanding menus. Maybe
I don't buy it because during the thousands of lunches I've shared
with a group I've never heard the restaurant decision made by a 
menu "Veto".

The decisions are always between a quick lunch at a QSR or a longer
meal at a Chili's/Friday's, or a special occasion at Ruth's Chris.

And, if the choice is a QSR it's only about one thing, how long is the
line in the drive-thru? If someone in the car had a previous bad
experience with the service at a proposed QSR that "Veto Vote" is
very effective.

At a QSR doing 75% of sales in the drive-thru speed trumps menu
options every time.

How McDonald's Uses 'Anti-Veto Vote' Menu Items - Business Insider:

Minimum-Wage Bill Could Harm California Economy

No Kidding! - From the LA Times:

Healthcare Requirements: Which Employees Qualify and What is the "Look Back Period"?

From Concannon / Miller:

March 25, 2013

March 22, 2013

March 20, 2013

AP Breaks News on McWrap

McDonald's to put McWrap on menu next week

Taco Bell Two-Track Growth Plan Poses Challenges

"Every restaurant operator, including industry leader McDonald's, hopes to attract a broad audience with both value and premium-priced food - and they all struggle to get it right, said Bob Goldin, an executive vice president at food service consulting firm Technomic.

It's very hard to do. The more you move away from your core, the more you risk losing your core," Goldin said."

Taco Bell two-track growth plan poses challenges | Reuters

Burger King Introduces Turkey Burger

Burger King introduces turkey burger | Nation's Restaurant News:

March 17, 2013

Menu Variety = Slower Service

"There are a lot of choices for consumers. In fact, the 16,000 Starbucks’ locations in this country serve over 20,000 choices of what to drink. 
This is why the line moves so slowly!"

Why Too Many Choices Will Hurt Your Small Business - Forbes:

March 14, 2013

McDonald’s math: 2 Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits ÷ $3 = 1 delicious deal! (Price & participation may vary.) 
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Ouch! - McDonald's Franchisee to Sell Restaurants After Foreign Worker Protest

Employing People Through a Program Run By Democrats in the Sate Department - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Will Egg Whites Save McDonald's?

Does this mean Drive-Thru crew will have to ask me what kind of egg I want in my McMuffin?

That's another step to slower service.

CNN Money Reports:

Dunkin' CFO on Beverages

"We all loved Fred the Baker, but we're a beverage company. It's not going to be time to make the donuts anymore," he said. "Beverages are the holy grail of profitability."

Dunkin' CFO: Beverages are the 'holy grail' of profitability |

March 12, 2013

Another Interesting Chart From BurgerBusiness

                                                 Click on chart for larger image

U.S. Burger Chains’ Sales Top $63 Billion


Arcos Dorados Somewhere Between Gold And Scrap Iron

"At the same time, though, the company may have gotten a little too aggressive with its pricing in an attempt to offset wage and input cost inflation. A BigMac in Brazil costs BRL 9.50, against a minimum wage of under BRL 5 per hour. By the same standard, a U.S. BigMac would cost over $14. "

Opinion on Seeking Alpha

March 11, 2013

Doubling Down On The Dollar Menu

The Chicago Tribune has covers the McDonald's Dollar Menu and
quotes an unnamed McDonald's Operator"

"Before the Dollar Menu, the franchisee explained, restaurant operators 
organized limited-time promotions like two Big Macs for $5, which only
confused customers. Aligning all the restaurants behind the Dollar Menu, 
and contributing to national advertising, got customers to stores."

What? This is why I've been posting all these tweets with discount offers.
There is a massive amount of discounting going on in addition to the 
Dollar Menu - endless two-fers and price off.

Chi-Trib reports HERE

Catch a great deal at your local McDonald's today! Our Sandwich is only $1.59! A la carte only.

NYC Large-Soda Ban Blocked by Judge

Mayor Bloomberg Vows Fight

March 8, 2013

There are at least 2 great things about Friday – Filet-O-Fish sandwiches for $1.49 and the end of the workweek! Can you think of any others?

MCD February Sales

                                McDonald's February Sales Better Than Expected

March 4, 2013

The Law of Large Burger Chains

In the battle for "Share" we sometimes forget about the sad average volumes
at the two main competitors. Yet, on the occasions that one of the competitors reports a higher same store sales increase than McDonald's the press claims that they are "taking business from McDonald's".

But the law of large numbers makes it much more difficult for McDonald's USA to eke out a larger percentage sales increase than a competitor with an AUV of more than a million $$$ less from the start. If McDonald's USA gets a one percent increase in a month and Wendy's brings in a two percent increase McDonald's probably had the better month!

Thanks to for the chart. Here's the article.

U.S. Drought Areas Shrinking

U.S. drought areas shrinking as snow and rain fall - Yahoo! Weather:

Restaurant Operators Upbeat on Sales, Economy

NRA Performance Index: Restaurant operators upbeat on sales, economy | Latest Headlines content from Nation's Restaurant News:

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