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June 30, 2014

McDonald's Real Estate

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Pollo Tropical's Streamlined Menu, Focus on Accuracy

"And it required additional training. It wasn’t efficient. Trying to be all things to all 
people is not efficient or user friendly."

 Sounds like something the McDonald brothers figured out in 1950!

Supreme Court Deals Setback to Unions reports


June 16, 2014

What Your Local Grocery Store Might Look Like in 2025

Digital - Advertising Age

More Cashing-In

On June 13th McDonald's EVP Ken Koziol exercised his option on 14,812 MCD shares
at $32.60 and sold them for $100.43 per share netting $1,004,698.

June 12, 2014

Real Estate Deal Gives Red Lobster Little Room For Error

Deal Gives Red Lobster Little Room For Error - Restaurant Industry Insight

Colorado McDonald’s Hooks Up With Delivery Service

Internet based food delivery services are popping up all over the country
and they present some questions when delivering for a franchised restaurant.

If the franchisee is responsible for the level of Quality and Service delivered
to their customers how do they assure that with a third party involved?

If there's a problem where does the customer go for resolution?

If corporate gets wind of a dissatisfied customer can the franchisee just blame
the delivery company?

I think we can be certain that the franchisee won't be able to blame the third
party company that the franchisee hired.

Colorado McDonald’s hooks up with delivery service | QSRWeb

Dunkin’ Donuts CEO...

Dunkin’ Donuts CEO: Our sandwiches should be considered snacks, not lunch

June 11, 2014

Cashing-In Continues

On June 11th McDonald's VP Dave Hoffmann exercised his option on 4,906
McDonald's shares and immediately sold them for a profit of $314,769.

Fries Get Funkier as Chains Limit LTOs


June 9, 2014

McDonald's And Franchisees: Part 3 Of 3 Ways To Tell When The Worst Is Over

Seeking Alpha is a very useful website but I usually don’t link to their articles because
they are mostly opinion pieces or are far too technical to be useful here. But, a visitor to
this website cut and pasted parts of a recent article from Seeking Alpha so to keep things
in context I’ll link to the article. The writer is a pretty qualified guy and is the author of a
series of three recent articles on McDonald’s. This article is #3 and he provides links to
the other two.

He also quotes extensively from our Operator surveys.

The portions of the article were posted as comments under “Comment of the Week”.

Here's the article:

SeekingAlpha - 3 Ways to tell when the worst is over

Consumers Now Paying 'Living Wage' Fee in City With $15 Minimum Wage

Consumers Now Paying 'Living Wage' Fee in SeaTac, Washington

The McDonald’s Slump: Is History Repeating?

The McDonald’s Slump: Is History Repeating? - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ


June 7, 2014

Comment of the Week

"In the May 26 issue of Nations Restaurant News, an article titled "Course Adjustment" quotes Don Thompson stating that the 2014 plan (and beyond)is all about increasing TOP LINE SALES and transactions, and NOT driven "based on optimizing profitability".

In other words folks, We are on our own. Thompson could not care less about our profitability, or the effects of Obamacare, minimum wage hikes, Unionization, or rising commodity costs !"

Posted on:

Thompson: "Increase in Minimum Wage OK With Me"


June 4, 2014

More on Seattle’s Minimum-Wage Proposal

The Seattle $15.00 minimum wage proposal separates franchised businesses from
independent operators in an effort to bring attention to the difference between a 
franchisor's CEO pay and that of entry level employees.

The International Franchise Association is an organization controlled by large 

franchisors working together to control the franchisees in their systems. However,
in Seattle they appear to be doing some productive work in that the IFA is planning
to sue the City of Seattle claiming the new law is discriminatory.

The IFA's press release is HERE

Seattle Times on unfairness of new law HERE

Rebounding Restaurant Business - Forbes

Rebounding Restaurant Business Set To Make Winners Of Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonald's