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April 20, 2019

Mize Houser on Delivery

"When you consider it: what other industry puts their handcrafted, perishable product 
 in the hands of someone they don’t know to transport and deliver to a customer? "

How you can make sure your food delivery service doesn't take out your restaurant

April 17, 2019

A Glitch in the McDelivery Matrix?

Doing some research on McDelivery I went to the McDonald's website looking for a link 
to Uber EatsThere isn't one. You can search by zip code to see if nearby stores offer
McDelivery. If they do you are offered the opportunity to download the McDonald's 
app. If they don't offer McDelivery you are asked to try again later.

I entered the zip code of one of my old stores and they offer delivery. Next, I checked 
on one of my favorite stores in the Midwest. The McDonald's site tells me that the store 
doesn't offer delivery. Yet, they do - I 've seen the banners in the windows dating back 
at least  four months.

I then went to and entered the Midwestern store's zip. McDonald's 
pops up with the correct address and the opportunity to order.

Apparently the McDonald's website is running months or more behind what's happening 
with McDelivery. I wonder if the app itself is that out of date.

It looks like the company wants to control the ordering process and have the opportunity
to offer deals and freebies on the app and they can't do that on the Ubereats website. 
But the Uber Eats and the McDonald's websites should mirror each other in terms of the availability of McDelivery.

Oh well, maybe those customers who get confused will jump in their cars and drive to 
their McDonald's where they will pay less and the McDonald's Operator can make some 

April 16, 2019

McDelivery Continued

It's a good thing that McDonald's Operators are making 
some initial progress in discussions about McDelivery with McDonald's Corp. and with UberEats.

But advertising UberEats on OPNAD is still a bad idea. Especially if the criteria is when 70% of USA stores have McDelivery. That number should be 90 to 95%.

And, even at that, Operators who don't have McDelivery should receive a rebate from OPNAD. And everyone should expect soft sales during 
the advertising of McDelivery

Please take another look at:  Why is McDelivery Just Like McCafe?

Jonathan Maze on Delivery and on Karen Garcia

Chains start charging more for delivery orders

"If restaurant companies can’t make profits, many believe they’d be less willing to offer
the service, and that could hurt systems’ growth."

April 15, 2019

Karen Garcia Coming Out of "Retirement"

Say what you want, at least there will be someone working at Chicago HQ with a 
solid operations background.

April 9, 2019

McDonald's Minimum Wage Shift Frustrates Its Franchisees

An editorial by Ed Rensi - former CEO of McDonald's USA - Forbes 

Rensi ran McDonald's USA from 1984 to 1997.

Burger King Tries To Default 37 Franchises

“This is an improper and wrong termination,” Zarco said in an interview with Restaurant Business. “Getting someone to disengage from 37 restaurants because there’s a rat and 
some cockroaches in one restaurant is inappropriate.”

Burger King franchisee pushes back against company’s lawsuit

Free Food at McDonald's - Everybody's Doing It!

As of 4 PM ET today 1,755,833 people have view the Aussie kiosk trick on YouTube.
That's a lot of high school and college guys who will eat for free this week.

This raises a lot of questions:

How could this happen?

Why would anyone order a sandwich without the meat patty?

Do you really want those people in your restaurant?

Why is that option even available?

Will this be fixed or do McDonald's Operators just have to swallow the expense?

April 8, 2019

Comprehensive Article About Burger King's Recent History

Except for the ownership gyrations, the "turnaround" plan at McDonald's is just a copy
of the Burger King plan.

Whopper Of A Turnaround: At Burger King, The 3G Capital Model Actually Worked

Modern, Progessive, and Now With Free Food

Every time I use a McKiosk I ask myself, "Why encourage customization?" It just slows down service times. And now it's going to kill profitability.

People in focus groups or surveys will always say they want customization. But it sure turns off customers in line behind them.

McDonald’s customers discover hack to get free hamburger - Fox News

April 1, 2019

Department of Labor Joint Employer Proposal

The two parties would be regarded as equally responsible for the illegal employment 
actions of the franchisee if the franchisor:
  • Has the power to hire or fire employees;
  • Supervises and controls the employees’ work schedules or working conditions;
  • Determines employees’ pay rates or methods of payment; or
  • Maintains the employees’ employment record
DOL proposes criteria to determine when franchisor and franchisee are joint employers