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April 25, 2019

Burger King Throws in the Towel

Burger King Dismisses Suit Against Large franchisee

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Anonymous said...

It was stupid of RBI/3G/BK to even threaten to sue Pereles. This guy is a friend of every large operator in the US.. They are lucky that he settled. I can just imagine Guillarmo speaking at next year's Multi Unit Franchising Conference talking about them trying to strong arm him. How's that going to work out for getting his buddies to sign on to building out a territory for RBI's Popeyes chain?

The guy was chairman of that conference 2 years ago for pete's sake. He's got a megaphone even without Zoarco. Dumb, but smart to settle and make him happy and quiet.

Some franchisers forget that it's a new world and franchisees now call the shots like the sought after big uinvestors that they are. They can make or break even big brands today.

Well, MCD is definitely one that forgets about how to treat its franchisee investors, unfortunately, if they even think of them as anything but a cash sponge to squeeze dry.