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April 17, 2019

A Glitch in the McDelivery Matrix?

Doing some research on McDelivery I went to the McDonald's website looking for a link 
to Uber EatsThere isn't one. You can search by zip code to see if nearby stores offer
McDelivery. If they do you are offered the opportunity to download the McDonald's 
app. If they don't offer McDelivery you are asked to try again later.

I entered the zip code of one of my old stores and they offer delivery. Next, I checked 
on one of my favorite stores in the Midwest. The McDonald's site tells me that the store 
doesn't offer delivery. Yet, they do - I 've seen the banners in the windows dating back 
at least  four months.

I then went to and entered the Midwestern store's zip. McDonald's 
pops up with the correct address and the opportunity to order.

Apparently the McDonald's website is running months or more behind what's happening 
with McDelivery. I wonder if the app itself is that out of date.

It looks like the company wants to control the ordering process and have the opportunity
to offer deals and freebies on the app and they can't do that on the Ubereats website. 
But the Uber Eats and the McDonald's websites should mirror each other in terms of the availability of McDelivery.

Oh well, maybe those customers who get confused will jump in their cars and drive to 
their McDonald's where they will pay less and the McDonald's Operator can make some 


Anonymous said...

Simply put-MCD Technology stinks! It must be from the 1990s

Richard Adams said...

Yes, McDonald's, Corp. has always had trouble with tech but in the cases of the McDelivery web sites and Free Food on the kiosks it was not really a problem with the technology, it was stupid human tricks in managing the tech.

* The differences in the McDonald's McDelivery website and the Uber Eats website can only be put down to laziness or ineptitude on the McDonald's corporate side.

* Free Food Kiosks were programmed with ridiculous options by McDonald's bureaucrats. Again, the computers can't correct stupid human tricks.

* Articles about the Free Food Kiosks often said that these Aussies "hacked" the kiosks. They did not. "Hack" is a very overused word among millennial writers. I've seen people write about such things as the Surf and Turf Hack at McDonald's. The writer buys a Filet and a QPC, puts them together under one bun, and claims they hacked the McDonald's menu.

* A real "Hack" is when someone gets into the operating system of someone else's computer or gets into password-protected accounts on a protected system. In the two cases mentioned here, the technology worked fine. The humans in Chicago are unable to manage the technology.