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April 15, 2019

Karen Garcia Coming Out of "Retirement"

Say what you want, at least there will be someone working at Chicago HQ with a 
solid operations background.


Anonymous said...

1. Karen had a prior working relationship with Blake Casper & Mark Salebra. Is her new role to AGAIN send out cease and desist letters on Company letterhead to O/Os that have a different opinion than the folks in Chicago that have no restaurant and/or franchisee prior experience? She excelled in this capacity in Florida - as required by her boss.

2. As happened previously, will Karen be let go because she AGAIN opposes $1 any size drink in Florida and other markets? The success in South Florida with no $1 any size drink is positive. ONE price/size does not fit all on this critical topic and defies common sense.

3. Karen was not brought back to resolve issues, she was brought back to police O/Os.

4. Chris K... we know you read these comments and we know you are NOT concerned with our financial well-being or the three legged stool (as you clearly shared during the Chicago meeting a few years ago). Your willingness to sit in a meeting and listen to Blake and/or Mark and make no material changes is not fooling any of us.

5. Chris, please take the time to look at the debt per average restaurant and organization, complexity of operations and the impact on our ability and strong desire to exceed our customers' high expectations. Our financial capacity is limiting our ability to help increase shareholder value - a common goal understood and held by all. Please stop being so dismissive & condescending toward us as individuals and as a group

Anonymous said...

Ms. Garcia is a very nice lady but not a good choice for this job as it was described. My opinion is that she resents the operators successes and thinks she has been called by god to right the many wrongs in our society by using diversity to punish operators for being successful. I know for a fact that she lobbied hard to have Corp. require operators to submit personal financial statements. However, she may be so thankful to have a job back with MCD that she won't make waves. She has been careless with the truth.

Richard Adams said...

Not too sure I understand one of your criticisms. McDonald's franchisees (and prospective franchisees) have been submitting personal financial statements since the early days of the system. Even today the short form application on the McDonald's USA website asks for personal financial information.

Anonymous said...

Since becoming an operator I have never submitted a "Personal Financial Statement" It is required from prospective franchisee's. I don't know any operator that does. Clearly, we submit a monthly Balance sheet and P&L on the stores but nothing of a personal financial nature and it is not required in the licence agreement.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who Karen Garcia is. And not too sure I care.

Anonymous said...

You'll know soon.

Anonymous said...

"you'll know soon"

Is that some sort of sweet and ominous catchphrase like "crack an egg on it?" Do you work in Corp MCD happy meal toys -- are you Robin from the Teen titans?

What the hell does that mean. I promise you, as an operator, I will not care about her role. Similar to how McDonald's does not care about my financial viability.

Please have every OA, FBP, Officer and GM submit a personal financial statement to me before they can grade my restaurants..... as I'm sure it will show, I'm way more invested into this brand's success than they are.

Crack an egg on it.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO to the above Operator!!!!!