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April 29, 2019

Does The MCD PAC Need to Send Her Some $$$?

Kamala Harris Slams McDonald's for Not Committing to Higher Pay - Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

After watching who we support and their issues. I will not be supporting the McDonald’s PAC.

They are clearly not paying attention to the Operators business.

Anonymous said...

Shes a Liberal Democrat (just like Chris K and Stock price Steve)

OF COURSE the PAC will support her!

Stop the MCD tyranny, join the NOA!

Anonymous said...

Its all politic's. Harris has not been a respected supporter of organized labor. However, labor represents a strong revenue stream for the whacko liberal left. They will all be playing to them. Contact the operators on the PAC and demand they not support them. Money talks in being an effective PAC. If it dry's up the less effective it will be.

Anonymous said...

Any sentient Operator who votes for any Liberal Democrat has a DEATH WISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Robert Gibbs is rubbing hands to warm them up for check writing to lefties who attach our business.

I see the CFA fighting for our business model and championing franchising as a way to address income inequality and opportunity inequality. Franchising has done more for immigrants and minorities to achieve the American Dream than any government mandate in the history of civilization.

How many African American millionaires has Kamala Harris made (besides herself with PAC money)? How many has the McDonalds system made? I've lost count. Then add in BK, Wendy's Dunkin, Subway, Meineke etc etc etc. Yet the PAC gives moeny to people who want to crush this American opportunity????

Anonymous said...

To the person that said, call the operators on PAC. I have and I do not get a return call. When I have engaged at the World Wide it has been like I am talking to an Alien.

They do not understand the depth of our concerns. So for me I will spend my money differently. I will support candidates that support our business interests, instead of hoping our collective money will do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of other PACs that have our back, whether IFA, CFA or even other competing brands. We are all in this together, but MCD and Robert Gibbs are on the other side. Contribute your money wisely. MMGA. Support NOA and other PACs.