February 16, 2016

QSR Profits Beat Consensus

It's amusing that, now that all the fourth quarter results are in, U.S. QSRs are
showing some good numbers and the managements of the publicly held brands 
are taking all the credit for themselves and their ideas.

There's been little or no mention of the mild weather in November and the first
three weeks of December in the eastern half of the country.

And when discussing the first quarter of 2016 these same CEOS will forget to
mention that February had a 29th day.

Burger King and Tim Hortons' Profits Beat Consensus - Fortune

February 11, 2016

Let's Argue About OPNAD Again

From the 2015 Operator Pulse Survey:

"OPNAD represents my interest and point of view effectively"

Agree = 19%, Strongly agree = 4%

So, contributing to a voluntary advertising fund - less than one-quarter of the members 
feel the management of the fund represents the interests of McDonald's Operators.


February 10, 2016

Burger King Going to the Dogs

Burger King's Is Adding Grilled Hot Dogs to its Menu - Fortune

Panera Bread Revs Up Delivery Rollout

Panera has gotten a lot of spin out of their digital platform (Panera 2.0) but they still 
only have it in 410 out of 1,972 units.

On delivery, they make the point that it's easier for them because their products are

"not heated and travel well".

Panera Bread revs up delivery rollout