February 11, 2016

Let's Argue About OPNAD Again

From the 2015 Operator Pulse Survey:

"OPNAD represents my interest and point of view effectively"

Agree = 19%, Strongly agree = 4%

So, contributing to a voluntary advertising fund - less than one-quarter of the members 
feel the management of the fund represents the interests of McDonald's Operators.



Richard Adams said...

The strongly agree and agree number was down 7% from 2014.

Richard Adams said...

Neither agree or disagree = 26% "I'm getting ripped off and I don't want to talk about it".

Disagree or strongly disagree = 51% "I'm getting ripped off, where do I sign up again?"

Anonymous said...

OPNAD is just another way for Corp to control us. Latest proof? OPNAD, NOT the operators, will own the new digital electronic menu boards. Can you say price fixing? Guess who you will have to contact to change prices??

Where is the Antitrust branch of Dept of Justice when we need it?

Just TRY not signing your "voluntary" OPNAD pledge card. You will feel the wrath of your region field service come down on you IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous said...

OPNAD is simply a scheme to get the smaller (cheaper)media advertising markets to subsidize the wildly expensive large media markets like New York, L.A. and Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I remember one operator who had three stores in the early 1990's that did not sign the pledge card because of a financial dispute with the Corporation, specifically Ed Rensi. In order to get to the 4% promo and advertising requirement in the license agreement, he counted happy meal costs as "promo" and got away with it for about two years. He saved about $200,000 in ad fees(about the amount in dispute with Ed Rensi)and sold out right after that. They actually had him removed from co-op meetings when it turned to OPNAD discussion and votes. They came down on him like 10,000 suns. He gets the operator"chutzpah"award!!