Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 18, 2007

McDonald's should be more like Sonic

If you want to visit the McDonald's menu of the future
you can find it at your local Sonic Drive-In. You'll find an
insanely complicated menu, dog slow service, and what
might be the worst food in the industry.

Every time I've examined Sonic food I am left with the
impression that the manager just runs down to the
local Costco or Sam's Club and buys their supplies.
The food is very generic.

There is nothing that should be emulated about Sonic
but it sure looks like where McDonald's is headed.

Marketing Daily article is HERE


August 14, 2007

Selling McDonald's Stores

Once you've told the corporate folks that
your stores are for sale it's certainly
appropriate to use the "partners" E-mail
system to let other Operators know
about the available opportunity.

But - in your message include a different
E-mail address for interested parties to
use when responding.

You do not want to have discussions about
the sale of your stores on the proprietary
McDonald's E-mail system.

If you don't have another address a free
account can be obtained at Gmail, Hotmail,
AOL, etc.

Questions about selling or pricing McDonald's
stores can be directed to: