July 22, 2017

See You LAT-er

It's always a stretch when we try to connect movies and real life but reading and hearing 
about the formation of the McDonald's Leadership Alliance Team (LAT) one term jumps out, "Star Chamber". 

The term actually dates back to 15th century England but it's also the title of a 1983 movie about a panel of judges and law enforcement officials who decide who lives and who dies.

July 19, 2017

More On Delivery Services

“A customer will equate the delivery person with your restaurant even if it’s a 
third party, so that’s something to take into account,” 

How restaurants can launch effective delivery services

July 18, 2017

Chipotle - It's Happening Again

And McDonald's is going to unfrozen beef and chicken? Good luck with that!

Chipotle closes restaurant where customers got sick - Business Insider

The above article mentions a very nasty little website that publishes anonymous 
reports of food borne illnesses as totally credible.

This will give restaurant Operators a little heartburn.


July 15, 2017

This One's Just For Me

This is the story of the McDonald's restaurant where I began my McDonald's career. 
When I was hired the store was more than a decade old so I've slowly learned about
the importance of this store to the history of McDonald's.

McDonald's history buffs or those who liked "The Founder" will enjoy.

Battle over St. Louis Park, Minnesota McDonald’s had big impact on ‘the founder’

Can Fancy Remodels Save the Fast-Food Industry?

Nancy Luna at Orange County Register