May 4, 2015

Well, Today Was A Dud!

Today’s McDonald’s events were supposed to excite investors and spike the price
of McDonald’s shares. Instead, Wall Street was underwhelmed - the longer 
Easterbrook talked the more it hurt the stock, ending off $1.67. Everything that
was discussed today could have been revealed on the quarterly conference call 10 
days ago or distributed by press release. And McDonald’s Operators didn’t need to
be misled into thinking there would be news today, left to wait for another web
cast next Monday.

Nation's Restaurant News covers the day

As does Reuters/BusinessInsider

Today's McVideo

McDonald's CEO Greenberg gave that same "turnaround" speech in 1998.

April 30, 2015


2 hours ago
Overheard from zee: "McDonald's can make us sell Egg McMuffins all day long. We will lose money on it and become even slower!"


McDonald's Soon To Be "Not So Secret" Turnaround Plan

As mentioned before, McDonald's announced announced they would release 
details of  their Turnaround Plan to the public on Monday, May 4th. 

When McDonald's franchisees have comments on the turnaround plans this
website is a good place to vent them.

6 Things to Expect From McDonald's Secret Turnaround Plan - Entrepreneur

April 29, 2015

California McDreamin'

The California Central Coast Co-Op is well into the launch of TasteCrafted sandwiches.

While it does not appear that this platform will simplify operations or speed up service
it is certainly more logical than CYT.

McDonald's Operators are probably way ahead of me on this but could it be that the plan
is to put CYT in stores without a drive-thru and TasteCrafted in traditional free standing stores? 

Or, God forbid, put both platforms in free standing stores? Talk about confused customers!

Maybe this will be part of the news on Monday.
Bloomberg reports HERE

The Central Coast Co-Op's TasteCrafted website is HERE

April 24, 2015

McDonald’s: What Turnaround?

"Easterbook is a marketing guy, he's not an operations guy."

Technomic's David Henkes and Bloomberg discuss the importance of McDonald's
Operators and our latest Operator survey.

McDonald’s Sales Slump: What Turnaround? - Bloomberg Video

Simplification at McDonald's

Instead of the average CYT service time of 10 minutes this sandwich took 20 minutes
to deliver to the customer. Will this kind of monkey business build sales at McDonald's? 

McDonald's customer uses kiosk to create a massive Mac - Chicago Tribune

April 21, 2015