June 29, 2015

Some Companies Still Like Running Restaurants

A few restaurant companies still want to be in the restaurant business

From "Thanks for all the great comments"

To the previous commentor. I'm the guy that wrote the "this is your business" post. Why would you worry about passing on a site and getting sold out. I swear you all (except the person that agreed with me) sounds like we are living in the USSR. Your are giving the company way too much credit and power. Can you imagine the PR right now if they were trying to purge O/Os while also trying to sell us company owned restaurants? I used to blame the company for a lot, but now I am thinking they have chosen a lot of O/Os who aren't entrepreneurs. Because of what you do, you're worth a lot more than you think. This is hard work, and you all could easily find other ventures or opportunities. Yet, I see it so often that you think you would be nothing without them. Again, it sounds like battered wife syndrome. When I mentioned taking back the system, we can do it together. Again, they can't ignore us if we speak up and are prepared for the battle. They will back down; I can say that I, personally, have seen it countless times.

We need to start a group outside of the NLC. I think the company picks these people, anyway. Once we do that, they will listen. Let's stop acting like children and start speaking up and together (instead of in the hallways of a hotel conference room) outside of co-op meeting. You all are better and stronger than this.

June 24, 2015

Franchising, Edgy Marketing and the 2016 White House Run

McDonald's should acquire CKE Restaurants Inc. just to 
make Andy Puzder the next McDonald's CEO. He's the smartest guy in the industry, if not in American business.

Andy Puzder's Blog 

McDonald’s Stock Buyback Plan Aids Officers, Not Franchisees

Janet Sparks is the former publisher of the Continental Franchise Review, an industry newsletter that covered the franchise community for over 30 years. She has also been 
a columnist for a leading franchise magazine for the past 13 years. Today she is an 
independent journalist who engages in investigative reporting, tackling complex issues 
that impact the franchise industry. Janet can be reached at jsparks@bluemaumau.org 
or at 303-799-7398.

McDonald’s Stock Buyback Plan Aids Officers, Not Franchisees - BlueMauMau


Thanks For All the Great Comments!

One commentor began with: "I'm surprised that there has not been more focus on the finance/debt issues by MCD in the Business Media. Many stores have good operations 
but the problem comes from declining sales and costs below the PAC."

There is only one source for such reporting - McDonald's Operators. A reporter can't 

make up the facts or report on speculation. They need sources that are informed and 
quotable. McDonald's is not required to report on Operator profitability and when they comment on it, they lie. Whatever information they might gather is sealed. Accountants retained by Operators can't talk about their clients business but if they did, they'd lose 
all of their McDonald's business.

This could only be reported on if an Operator or Operators pick up the phone or go on

line with the reporters from the major business media. They've been waiting for years 
to hear from McDonald's Operators.

I hear the following from a reporter or an analyst almost every day:

"I know the answer but I have to ask, do you know of any McDonald's franchisees who

 will discuss these issues?"

June 19, 2015

Panera CEO Discusses the Future of Eating Out

Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich Discusses the Future of Eating Out - The Street.com

Where Are They Now? - Ed Rensi Out at Famous Dave's

 "While franchisees liked some of the changes, some balked at extensive and expensive remodelings, Smith said.
“I think Ed angered franchisees by coming in and telling them it’s my way or the highway,” he said. “Franchisees don’t like to be told how to run their business and dictated [to] on how much money to spend.”
 Still struggling, Famous Dave's changes CEOs again - StarTrib

June 18, 2015

McDonald's to Shrink in USA

Most of the reporting on this topic has centered around "under performing" stores. That may be true but will this also be used to harvest the equity in locations owned by the secret real estate investment trust? No matter what the sales volume?

McDonald's to shrink in US, 1st time in decades - Yahoo Finance

McDonald’s CEO Has a Misguided Obsession with Chipotle

Business Insider - Hayley Peterson