March 28, 2015

5 Big Myths About What Millennials Truly Want

Everybody's got something to say about millennials. I'll add one more attribute that 
millennials have in larger doses than previous generations - they want and usually 
get instant gratification when making retail transactions.

Want to purchase some music? Download it instantly on your phone or watch a movie 

or a favorite TV show - now. Have some shopping to do? Amazon will have  your 
purchase on your doorstep tomorrow or the next day. Travel reservations? Instantly 
made and confirmed by E-mail or text.

This is one of the reasons QSR drive-thru % keep going up. As I've written before, 

My two millennial children haven't been inside a McDonald's since their last time in
a Playplace. But, they've made many, many trips through McDonald's drive-thrus.

Does this sound like a generation who'll patiently sit around a McDonald's dining room

for 8 to 10 minutes waiting for a customized burger to be delivered to their table?

Maybe they will - once.

5 Big Myths About What Millennials Truly Want -

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March 24, 2015

Some Good Franchise History Here

This one year old article is by a liberal writer in a liberal publication promoting
the idea of a higher minimum wage. Beyond that, it contains a lot of good franchise
law information. Thanks again to the McDonald's Operator who sent in this link.

Big Whopper Economics by Josh Freedman - The Washington Monthly