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June 5, 2024

This is What Higher Royalties Buys You?

A silly headline for a silly article. This could have been avoided if the pajama boys had taken action last fall.

A McDonald’s executive confirmed this awful reality about life under Joe Biden

Another California Chain Biting the Dust

Rubio’s and In n’ Out have been two destination brands. When folks visit Southern California, they have to eat at these two chains.

But Rubio's never did real estate well. They often went with the cheapest site, so it’s no surprise they have many marginal locations.

Rubio's closes nearly 50 locations - NRN

Rubio's files for BK - again - Restaurant Business

June 1, 2024

In Case You're Missing It


Disney has received a lot of bad press and will receive more in the future. It's time for an overblown series featuring the company. 

The fun factor is that Disney owns the History Channel. 'Nuff said.

More on Disney later.

May 29, 2024

McDonald's Didn't Have to be the Poster Child for Inflation

Today's open letter on McDonald's pricing and the attached infographic are well done but long overdue. I was originally going to claim the $18 meal deal had been in the public eye for a few months, but then I did a search. It first showed up on social media in July of last year!

Since these myths were allowed to fester it seems every media report on inflation has mentioned prices at McDonald's. This could have been squelched with a more modest version of today's release - maybe last fall.

Remember when McDonald's Corp. had something of a "quick response" team to deal with such misreporting? If there is still such a team, they must have been off attending a ESG or DEI workshop.

Your "Royalties" at work.

Analyst: McDonald's Should Keep With the Discounting

MCD YTD 2024 -

Fast food slump could be a buying opportunity - Yahoo Financial

By "buying opportunity," the writer means, for shareholders