March 23, 2017

Talk To The Analysts - Part Deux

The Crain's article below mentions Maureen O'Brien of Marco Consulting, the firm
sponsoring the Operator on the McDonald's board idea. If Operators have feedback
for Maureen here's her E-mail connection.

Maureen O'Brien contact form

March 22, 2017

Crain's On McDonald's Franchisee Welfare

This article is worth reading a couple of times. Joe Cahill is one of best, and 
most experienced, writers on McDonald's. While he doesn't take sides he seems
to understand the small business person's point of view.

Note that he makes several mentions of Mark Kalinowski's McDonald's Operator 
surveys. One of many reasons Operators should participate.

McDonald's at a pivotal moment with franchisees - Joe Cahill

March 20, 2017

McCashin' In

From November 11, 2016 to March 1, 2017 eleven McDonald's officers sold McDonald's 
shares valued at $2,644,051.

Source - Yahoo Finance - click on "Insider Transactions" (mid page)

March 15, 2017

Where Does All of Oak Brook's Money Go?

We don't usually post articles from Seeking Alpha because they are mostly opinion but
this fellow does a good job of discussing McDonald's shareholder's expectations for
ever-increasing dividends from the company.

This is why management is pulling the plug on contributions to remodels, rebuilds, etc. Operators are on their own, the shareholders must be satisfied.

Buying McDonald's For Dividend Growth? Not So Fast

This Is So Not Going To Happen

McDonald's Franchisee Board Seat Eyed After Years of Discord - Bloomberg

March 14, 2017

Reuters on McDonald's Mobile Ordering

So a guy with zero McDonald's operational background thinks McDonald's can move 
20% of the drive-thru customers over to curbside pickup?

As a prolific user of McDonald's drive-thrus and I don't see the attraction of curbside
pickup over just using the drive-thru. Two occasions I can imagine, 1) If the drive-thru 
line is insanely long and not moving, or 2) the order is huge and even the customer 
knows it would mess up the drive-thru operation. 

It seems the energy should to go improving the drive-thru service, not making the 
restaurant more difficult to operate. 

            McDonald's, late to mobile ordering, seeks to avoid pitfalls - Reuters

Jack in the Box Franchisees Get Organized

Jack in the Box franchisees lawyer up - Restaurant Business