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June 27, 2020

If McDonald's Corporate Executives Get Their Way

"..... calls the Democratic labor agenda the most underappreciated election-related 
risk, as a higher minimum wage and new laws to organize workplaces would be 
priorities, especially hurting McDonald’s, while more labor protections for gig 
economy workers would affect companies like Uber."

Positioning your portfolio for a Biden Presidency - Barron's

June 22, 2020

No ADB Yet, But You Can See it From Here

From the article: "McDonald’s added All-Day Breakfast in 2015, generating strong sales and helping to bolster the chain after a years-long sales lull."

Here's how this is going to happen. As Jonathan Maze points out, when ADB was launched
McDonald's USA sales had been soft for several years. It was time for a natural business cycle rebound that made ADB look more impactful than it actually  was.

Easterbrook took credit for the "success" of ADB and gave it so much fanfare that it's a major
part of this career history. The media and Wall Street analysts still believe the hype and will
expect ADB to make a comeback once more dining rooms are reopened.

McDonald's management can't admit that ADB was over hyped in 2015 so they will continue 
to claim that customers are clamoring for ADB.

After all, what are they going to tell analysts - "We want to bring it back but our franchisees won't let us"?

McDonald’s is reconsidering the future of All-Day Breakfast - Restaurant Business