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October 24, 2017

Out Of The Mouths Of Children...

From today's investor conference call:

McDonald's USA President says, "there is no concerted effort to change the franchisee
base.” But, he added, the chain does have expectations for performance. “Running 
better restaurants is expected,” he said, “and we've outlined an exciting, ambitious 
growth plan — one that requires investment. As you put those two together, the 
performance expectations and the investments, we’re seeing some owner-operators 
who say that now is a good time to exit the system.”

Stated by an accountant who's never run a business and certainly never a restaurant.


MCD Says Nearly 100% of Operators Support $1,$2,$3

McDonald's Rolls Out Successor to Dollar Menu - Bloomberg

Analysts Comment on MCD Q3

McDonald’s: They’re Loving It!!! - Barron's

October 23, 2017

October 21, 2017

Smashburger’s Quiet Turnaround

McDonald's veterans will remember that Tom Ryan worked in McDonald's product development in the 1990s.

Ryan claims responsibility for
McGriddles, Big 'n Tasty, Dollar Menu, 
and Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

NRN visits with Smashburger’s CEO

Here's more than you want to know
about the trademark lawsuit between 
In 'N Out and Smashburger

Intellectual Property Brief reports

Daily Paychecks?

Restaurants are trying to appeal to millennials with daily paychecks - Business Insider

October 19, 2017

Higher Food Prices?

"Specifically, if food prices climb across the board, it could be good news in 
that it minimizes discounting and helps return the restaurant industry to a 
more normalized pricing environment."

Higher Food Prices? Let’s Take the Whole Family Out! - Barron's

October 7, 2017

Just The Beginning Of The Bad Press

'Rick and Morty' fans turn on McDonald's on Twitter after sauce debacle - SFGate

Another 'Rick and Morty' fiasco: The great Szechuan sauce letdown - Tampa Bay Times

McDonald's Marketing Needs Adult Supervision

Anonymous has left a new comment on: "Great TV Appearance By McDonald's Operator": 

Great marketing as opposed to today’s FIASCO with the “limited” sauce. 

A friend told me his store got 20. Maybe one store in 300 got ANY. Brilliant. 

So customers run to their local store to be told, nope none here. And those 
who did have any had 20 packets?? REALLY? 

Only thing accomplished today was to piss off thousands of people. 

This is the future of marketing?!?? Competitors are laughing as they should be. 

Managed to screw yet another great idea up again. 

Stupid, right up there with the fork thing and rainbow fry boxes. 


McDonald's Operators can expect this kind of thing to happen a lot in the future.

Now that McDonald's USA will have mega Co-Ops, humongous ad agencies, and OPNAD 
having been spayed and neutered McDonald's marketing will be one disaster after another.

Where do such bad ideas come from? 

Not to get all political but you mentioned the rainbow fry boxes. McDonald's is run by people
of the liberal persuasion. And, advertising agencies are staffed by extreme left-wing liberals.

Liberals generally look down on the people they wish to rule and consider the population to 
be stupid and incapable of caring for themselves. Liberals think the citizens can't take care 
of their own healthcare, too stupid to handle guns, too dumb to improve their lives without 
government's help.

This attitude is a form of contempt for the average American. When corporate liberals make 
decisions with this bias the result is often abusive to their customers (or in McDonald's case, 
abusive to the Operator's customers).

Who else would think it a good idea to deliberately frustrate thousands of die-hard fans?

And now we'll hear wailing and moaning from Oak Brook about the negative press - "We had 
the best of intentions".

Like I said, now that McDonald's Operators are being taken out of the decision making loop 
this kind of thing is going to happen over and over again.

October 5, 2017

I'm Sorry, But This Is Funny

I have a real dislike of protesters, picketers, and demonstrators of all kinds but sometimes
flash mobs can be really clever. This must have been a lot of work to put together. I'm 
sure many McDonald's people will be uptight about it - but come on - it's fun!

A Mob of Phony Ronald McDonalds Bully a Burger King

Sears's History Predicts Almost Everything Amazon's Doing

This article isn't about franchising or hamburgers but those of the Boomer generation
spent a lot time in Sears stores just as subsequent generations are shopping on Amazon.

The Atlantic - Sears & Amazon

October 4, 2017

Great TV Appearance By McDonald's Operator

As someone who's done his share of television work I know a natural when I see one.
This McDonald's Operator is relaxed and funny on camera. Few can pull that off.

Makes one think, why are McDonald's Operators paying millions to public relations 
firms every year when they have such talent in the system?

WIFR TV news in Rockford IL

October 3, 2017

2017 QSR Magazine Drive-Thru Study is Out

McDonald's VP says, "The order-taking process on average takes 17 seconds in our drive 
thrus for simple orders of two to three items. For larger orders with eight to 10 items, 
it can take 50–100 seconds". 

If ordering time is important (and it is) why are some stores wasting time letting the
order taker great the customer with their name? 

The 2017 QSR Drive-Thru Study - QSR magazine

McDonald's VP is quoted HERE

October 1, 2017

Nation's Restaurant News and Fast Food

The current issue of NRN features four articles about "Fast Food" including a comprehensive piece on "How McDonald's became the symbol of fast food".

I suggest readers check out the Editor's comments. At the end of her piece there' s listing of the other four articles. From the editor: The truth about quick service

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