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October 11, 2017

Tim Hortons Franchisees Want To Have It Their Way

Tim Hortons/Burger King union sours - Franchise Times


Anonymous said...

McD Operator leadership groups need to grow a pair and investigate or sue McD for the kickbacks and secret deals that McD refuses to reveal.

Anonymous said...

I love this line - “Money the franchisees have contributed towards the promotion of their businesses has been converted wrongfully by RBI for the benefit of its shareholders and senior executives,” said John Sotos, the Toronto attorney at Sotos LLP who is representing Great White North.

Beginning to start looking a like McDonald's RBI/3G just needs to learn from McDonald's have franchisees on the operator board with their own personal agenda or afraid to stand up to corporate folks so then the corporation can say “endorsed and approved by your operator leadership”.

Anonymous said...

RBI does have Burger King people on boards. National Franchise Association has allowed the sales of Burger Kings in North America. It is a cleansing. There are just 1/3 the amount of franchisees remaining over the last 60 months or shorter..Just in Washignton D.C. there have been 100 stores sold in last 24-30 months.