October 3, 2017

2017 QSR Magazine Drive-Thru Study is Out

McDonald's VP says, "The order-taking process on average takes 17 seconds in our drive 
thrus for simple orders of two to three items. For larger orders with eight to 10 items, 
it can take 50–100 seconds". 

If ordering time is important (and it is) why are some stores wasting time letting the
order taker great the customer with their name? 

The 2017 QSR Drive-Thru Study - QSR magazine

McDonald's VP is quoted HERE


Anonymous said...

With the roll-out of HOTG our service times will certainly increase and we will drop further down the list next year. Accuracy will probably overall suffer further because adding more complexity to the restaurants will certainly guarantee that.

Richard Adams said...

Wrong - "Welcome to McDonald's. My name is Eric, how are you doing today? Please order when you're ready".


"Can I take your order please".


Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order please"

Anonymous said...

Two years ago, Corp insisted we use Ask, Ask, Tell to improve order accuracy, even though it slows service times. TODAY in Classic McD fashion, they are reversing themselves and asking us to "phase out" Ask, Ask, Tell. We are being directed by people without any valid in-store operational experience.

Richard Adams said...

That's a real mistake. Jack Preiss' Ask, Ask, Tell really fixed a lot of problems in drive-thru. As your customer who orders a lot of unsweet ice teas, before the change, about one/third of the time I'd get sweet tea that had to be poured out at the first stoplight. Now that the conversation about what I actually ordered happens at both windows I rarely get the wrong product. I'm usually a "speed of service" nut but there's nothing worse than getting down the road with the wrong food.

Richard Adams said...

Before Ask, Ask, Tell I'd order unsweet ice tea and before I left the window I'd unwrap my straw, insert it into the lid, and taste the drink. I'm sure I occasionally slowed up the line but I had little trust in my drink. Over the past year, I just pull away with confidence that I won't have to waste the drink.