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October 22, 2017

Will McDonald's Deliver A Strong Q3?

Will McDonald's Deliver A Strong Q3?


Anonymous said...

The results we are seeing in sales are short term, and we will see long-term sales
declines because of the wasteful investments we are making.

Anonymous said...

The Vision 2020 and remodeling punishes the good Operators for the investment they
make in their business day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

I’m anticipating a good year next year. However, completing multiple Major Remodel
Projects will drain cash and cause distractions in those stores. Of course, this is always
tied to store cash flow. I rate our relationship a “one” because I have the hindsight of
decades. The competence is all departments is no better than average. I completely
support the actions and future plans expressed by McDonald’s CEO. When he told Wall
Street that he would take a half-billion dollars off the U.S. G&A in three years, you see
him doing it. That fact alone speaks to how poorly the company had been managed in
prior years. There are still too many employees, too many regions, and too many
stores. Keep reducing payroll and closing stores.

Anonymous said...

McDonald’s continues to purge itself of legacy franchisees (who think for themselves).
So-called collaborative alignment is the new normal.

Anonymous said...

There aren’t relationships between McDonald’s and the Owner/Operators. Everything
is as Corporate wants it. Some things are going well; however, trust and respect have
deteriorated. My region does treat me fairly well, but their hypersensitivity to
transactions is becoming absurd. Owners that have been impacted by local factors
such as declining population, road construction, or new competition are unfairly viewed
as poor Operators.

Anonymous said...

This weekend I spoke to a recently retired company Attorney. Going forward, will be difficult for the operators. They don't care who you are or how "positive and contributive" you have been in the past. Its a new day. It all about the numbers. Sales increases and reinvestments. The once envied relationships are now meaningless. The advice was to keep an "open mind" to determine how best to handle your investment or if you want to remain in the business. There will be little direction coming from the regions. Big changes to former longstanding well understood policies. MCD is expecting many lawsuits and they are prepared for it. If you want to throw away hundred's of thousands of dollars on suing them that is up to you but even if you win you lose. Don't obsess about the past or even talk about it. Focus on sales increases and reinvestments. Listen and keep an open mind.

Richard Adams said...

Comments made on this website truly are anonymous. I cannot tell if the above comment
was submitted by someone who works for McDonald's Corp. or if it was written by a
nearly suicidal McDonald's Operator.

Rereading the last two sentences I'd say it was written by a corporate puke.

Anonymous said...

The partnership is DEAD

Anonymous said...

They have carved the Heart & Soul out of this business and ATE it.

They want more kid business, then Fire Ronald McDonald
They want faster D/Ts, then add to the McCafe menu and Add fresh beef.
They want higher Cash Flow, then add Labor to the Dinning room to teach people how to use a Kiosk.
They want better Operations, then let Operators grow to 20, 30, 40 & 50 Stores.
They want us to give Gold Standard everything, Yet their Communication & Technology is No Standard
They want us to give Table Service, yet I would be happy to have people just to give Service.
They want Better Ads, but Creates an Ad Agency from 2 Old Dryed Up ones.

I am sure my fellow Operators can add more to this list.

I am afraid I might have missed my best Window to Sale and retire.