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October 4, 2017

Great TV Appearance By McDonald's Operator

As someone who's done his share of television work I know a natural when I see one.
This McDonald's Operator is relaxed and funny on camera. Few can pull that off.

Makes one think, why are McDonald's Operators paying millions to public relations 
firms every year when they have such talent in the system?

WIFR TV news in Rockford IL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great marketing as opposed to today’s FIASCO with the “limited” sauce.

A friend told me his store got 20. Maybe one store in 300 got ANY. Brilliant. So customers run to their local store to be told, nope none here. And those who did have any had 20 packets?? REALLY?

Only thing accomplished today was to piss off thousands of people. This is the future of marketing?!?? Competitors are laughing as they should be. Managed to screw yet another great idea up again.

Stupid, right up there with the fork thing and rainbow fry boxes.