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October 1, 2017

Nation's Restaurant News and Fast Food

The current issue of NRN features four articles about "Fast Food" including a comprehensive piece on "How McDonald's became the symbol of fast food".

I suggest readers check out the Editor's comments. At the end of her piece there' s listing of the other four articles. From the editor: The truth about quick service

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Richard Adams said...

People who speak with reporters on the record should never be allowed to complain about being misquoted. While Jonathan did not misquote me he split my most lucid comment into two parts.

“You’re never going to get away from that image" - and - “We just had the reputation for being the low-cost provider,” Adams said. “The assumption was that meant poor quality.”

Those three sentences were meant to be one spoken paragraph. But I just do the talking, not the editing.

Anonymous said...

Fast casual decline can be largely attributed to Chipolte Food Safety crisis.