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October 7, 2017

McDonald's Marketing Needs Adult Supervision

Anonymous has left a new comment on: "Great TV Appearance By McDonald's Operator": 

Great marketing as opposed to today’s FIASCO with the “limited” sauce. 

A friend told me his store got 20. Maybe one store in 300 got ANY. Brilliant. 

So customers run to their local store to be told, nope none here. And those 
who did have any had 20 packets?? REALLY? 

Only thing accomplished today was to piss off thousands of people. 

This is the future of marketing?!?? Competitors are laughing as they should be. 

Managed to screw yet another great idea up again. 

Stupid, right up there with the fork thing and rainbow fry boxes. 


McDonald's Operators can expect this kind of thing to happen a lot in the future.

Now that McDonald's USA will have mega Co-Ops, humongous ad agencies, and OPNAD 
having been spayed and neutered McDonald's marketing will be one disaster after another.

Where do such bad ideas come from? 

Not to get all political but you mentioned the rainbow fry boxes. McDonald's is run by people
of the liberal persuasion. And, advertising agencies are staffed by extreme left-wing liberals.

Liberals generally look down on the people they wish to rule and consider the population to 
be stupid and incapable of caring for themselves. Liberals think the citizens can't take care 
of their own healthcare, too stupid to handle guns, too dumb to improve their lives without 
government's help.

This attitude is a form of contempt for the average American. When corporate liberals make 
decisions with this bias the result is often abusive to their customers (or in McDonald's case, 
abusive to the Operator's customers).

Who else would think it a good idea to deliberately frustrate thousands of die-hard fans?

And now we'll hear wailing and moaning from Oak Brook about the negative press - "We had 
the best of intentions".

Like I said, now that McDonald's Operators are being taken out of the decision making loop 
this kind of thing is going to happen over and over again.


Anonymous said...

I have a good idea. Lets sell really bold hot wings. So hot you can't eat them and order fifty thousand pounds more than we can sell, just in case. If that doesn't correct things lets change MCD to be like a Jap automobile manufacturing plant (MQM). Those things will put us back on the road to success.

What is it about MCD that can put so much money behind stuff like this and it only cost 4%???

Easterbrook needs to truly "drain the Swamp".

Anonymous said...

McDonalds has some extremely good ideas, as much as I hate to use their probably focus-group generated slogan, “bold” direction and although I’ve never even heard of the show, this stunt was an extremely good idea. That’s where it ended, and I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. There is WAY too much going WAY too fast to get it all done, as they say- “with gold standard execution.”

Our brilliant executives who cannot be found after 5, on weekends or God forbid- ANY holiday enjoy their carefree personal time, time with their families, golfing or sipping their favorite beverage and dreaming of leveraging some transformative innovative, disruptive and brilliant scheme, they leave general managers, owner-operators and supervisors trying to remember what day it is and finding a way to make these things actually happen. Then the Tuesday after their extended holiday weekend that started with everyone in the office off by noon begins with a bunch of numbers so they can figure out who to blame for “underperforming”. Then field service shows up wanting to know why targets that were made by a 23yr old using algorithms weren’t met but really don’t give a damn why and they sure weren’t there helping- but don’t forget the “mandatory” webcasts that are scheduled on top of your ROA that described the $10,000/store upgrade that nobody knows how to actually do because some goofus at NCR was supposed to know but they are busy emailing one department after another and nobody acutually DOES anything. But they sure as hell have a lot of meetings about a lot of critical initiatives.

The problem is TOO MUCH TOO FAST and incompetence and/or not enough experienced help. Just a lot of numbers and finger pointers.

Slow down or get on the same side as the ops teams on the O/O side. Start helping or slow down.

Great ideas out there, more to come. They need experienced grownup supervision to make things work and they’ve got to get back to helping each other rather than watching numbers and most of them don’t have a clue how to actually get anything done.

I’ll bet that a pretty good chunk of these people have a clue how to change an exhaust fan motor and they sure aren’t running behind the counter to help when a bus pulls on the lot. That’s when either they must leave for a critical meeting or the tablet comes out to observe what went wrong or maybe take notes on customer nuances around the Experience of the Future.

More do’ers. Less observers.

Get on the damn field or shut your mouth and stay out of the way.

Richard Adams said...

Wow, thanks for taking the time to put all that down. But, did you mean to say "a good chunk of these people have NO clue how to change an exhaust fan motor"?. I can't imagine a McDonald's corporate employee knowing how to perform such a task.

Anonymous said...

Yes, “don’t have a clue”.