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October 28, 2017

McDonald's Starts Global Media Agency Review

Agency News - AdAge


Anonymous said...

This (adding smaller agency partners) is exactly opposite what MCD is trying to do on the co-op level (Limiting choices to only 7 AD firms)

Confusion ??

Anonymous said...

The Company/Operator relationship has changed in the last five years, but in the last
year it has degraded further. Food safety and third-party verification is
complicated. Pressure is ridiculous and they are trying to do 100 things perfectly.
Pace is necessary but is taking our veterans out of operations and into administrative
duties to fill out. Numbers matter, but accountability is not being applied uniformly.
Professional meeting attendees are celebrated and their poor stores are overlooked.
On the bright side, the overall plan is good—and may just work, but execution, support,
and relationships are simply awful.

Anonymous said...

As owner/operators we've lost our voice.