Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 12, 2009

To OPNAD or not to OPNAD

As McDonald's Owner/Operators stew over signing their next OPNAD
pledge card they should note the fine print at the top of the automatic
debit signature card:

"Participation in OPNAD and PAL$-OPNAD is voluntary"

Also, as you provide feedback to your OPNAD and Co-Op reps keep in
mind that the past five months have proven without a doubt that
McCafe advertising does not build sales. How many hundreds of
millions of voluntary contributions will be spent trying to change
the tastes of McDonald's customers?

And, a lot of your money is about to be used experimenting with
internet advertising and social media. "Experimenting" because unlike
TV and radio there are no "experts" in this field as it's so new and
ever changing. There are certainly thousands of technical and advert -
ising people out there eager to spend your money but none of them
really have any experience or know anything. Because it's my job I
think I know more about the internet and its uses than 99% of Owner/
Operators and I suggest you go very slow in this area. Again, it's a
huge experiment - nothing else - yet.

The past five months have proven that spending an advertising
budget equivalent to the GNP of Canada does not guarantee a sales
increase if you're advertising the wrong products.

With McCafe and social media USA Owner/Operators could waste half
of their advertising contributions in 2010.

And then be forced into more discounting to build sales.