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March 28, 2022

Will Disney Survive Wokeness?

HB 1557 is meant to protect children. How can Disney be against children?

From Disney's Twitter feed:

March 23, 2022

McPlant Not Passing McTest


Amazing. This analyst's research finds the same level of McPlant sales that this website and visitors to this website have been predicting for several years.

McPlant test said to be off to a tepid start

March 19, 2022

The End of McDonald's in Russia

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. American companies scrambled to react. On March 8, McDonald's announced all stores in Russia and Ukraine would be "temporarily" closed. The announcement included language such as, "At the same time, our values mean we cannot ignore the needless human suffering unfolding in Ukraine. " and " We will also closely monitor the humanitarian situation."

Vladimir Putin expected the Ukrainian takeover to take a few days. McDonald's management was probably thinking in weeks or months.

Twelve days ago, this looked like a military matter, but it's now evident that Putin intends to exterminate as many Ukrainian people as possible. Few of us were around for World War Two, but the images coming out of Eastern Europe certainly look like the documentaries and movies we've viewed all our lives.

On March 8, Putin wasn't being called a war criminal; today, he is. Twelve days ago, Putin wasn't being compared to Adolf Hitler; today, he is. The civilized world has turned against him. That escalated quickly.

If the Putin government survives the year, Russia will be an impossible place to do business. Prominent symbols of Americana like McDonald's will be vilified by the government and permanently driven out of the country. If Putin loses his grip on power, there's no way to tell who will be in charge, and there's a chance of a Russian civil war. 

Once all McDonald's stores in Russia are closed, they won't be reopening. 

Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera recently said, "In three weeks Putin destroyed modern Russia."

It would be impossible for McDonald's to resume operations in a nation as it reverts to the dark ages.


March 17, 2022

Close My Russian McDonalds? Nyet!

One of the first questions a franchise owner would ask if someone ordered them to close up shop would be "what about my inventory?" It looks like some stores found the answer, stay open until you're out of product. The distribution centers in Siberia, some eleven time zones from Moscow, must have a substantial amount of product to liquidate.

March 12, 2022

Who's Fueling Who at Your Drive-thru?

Two Wall Street Journal articles:

Biden's War on Oil Hits Consumers

Democrats for Higher Gas Prices

I believe the first article is a freebee and the second is behind their paywall. I say - I believe - because I'm a subscriber and my devices are loaded with WSJ cookies, so I don't know what you see when you try to log on. You might see other offers to subscribe. The WSJ is phenomenal and worth every penny of their subscription price(s), if you use it. I try not to push visitors to subscription websites. But more and more people on the internet want to be paid for their work.

March 11, 2022

Is it Time to Move Away from FAFH?

Customers ready to cut restaurant spending if prices keep climbing

Putin to Take Over American Companies?

"Of particular concern are Western companies that once symbolized post-Soviet Russia’s integration into the world economy, like McDonald’s and Ikea, that have now shuttered hundreds of stores and factories. Mr. Putin told officials in the televised meeting that the assets of such companies should be put under “external management” and then transferred “to those who want to work.”

New York Times - Putin Talks of Nationalizing Western Companies

March 9, 2022

Companies Should Take Social Media With a Grain of Salt

I hope these companies who are closing operations in Russia and Ukraine are not really doing it because of Twitter or threats of boycotts. Social media is not "listening to our customers", it's not a focuse group or consumer surveys. It's just a bunch of people messing around on the internet. The business press has kind of blended with social media and can base entire articles on a few tweets or hashtags. Best we all ignore it.

McDonald's to close its Russia locations - after huge social media pressure

March 8, 2022

McDonald's Closes Stores in Russia

If this is being done because it's impossible to operate because of supplies and logistics, it's the right thing to do. If it's being done as a way to put political pressure on the Russian government, it's a huge mistake.

McDonald's to temporally close 850 stores in Russia 

March 5, 2022

Actions by Companies Concerning Russia

As we discussed, if you close stores they may never open again. Russia is not the USA. Franchise agreements and store leases mean nothing in a communist country. Stick with helping with the humanitarian crisis. Stay out of the politics.

Chains and food producers stay open in Russia/Ukraine

Here's an article listing companies that have taken action against Russia. Notice very few have brick-and-mortar locations that they intend to close. The Russian people love American food. One sure way to change that would be to close locations, putting thousands of their countrymen out of work.

Yahoo - Companies that have taken action against Russia

March 4, 2022

Don't Get Involved in International Politics!

It's one thing to stop shipping products into Russia. It's another thing to close locations. Given the politics in Russia, if a company closes locations to protest the war, they may never open again. 847 stores? That's a big chunk of MCD earnings!

Russian people love American products and culture. Don't screw that up.

Stay out of it!

NY pension chief says McDonald's, PepsiCo should consider Russia risk (

March 2, 2022

Can Beyond Meat Get Its Sizzle Back?

Sure they can. Once they announce that McDonald's is taking McPlant nationwide BYND shares will spike and many shareholders will take their profits. After that the typical McDonald's store will sell 10 - 15 a day and no one will notice when McPlant disappears from the menu.

Beyond Meat supermarket sales down 20%. It's nice when the average consumer does your market research - Motley Fool coverage with more data