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March 23, 2022

McPlant Not Passing McTest


Amazing. This analyst's research finds the same level of McPlant sales that this website and visitors to this website have been predicting for several years.

McPlant test said to be off to a tepid start


Anonymous said...

Another example of an ignorant, unqualified management team. Anybody that knows this
business could and did see this happening. But this doesn't mean they will
give up on McPlant. If Beyond Meat has a large presence at the WorldWide
it will say a lot.

Anonymous said...

If you take out promo sales the numbers drop even further

Anonymous said...

Lawyers lining up for the inevitable lawsuits about cross contamination on grill with beef products.

Anonymous said...

And Burger King's results from Impossible Whopper??
Why even test this Poop.