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March 29, 2022

The $20 Million Pajama Boy

McDonald's CEO got a big raise last year


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Sits around all year doing zoom calls from his home office and makes 20 mill.

Anonymous said...

Never has a more unworthy person ever lead McD.

Anonymous said...

Got an update this morning

commodities to go up 3% to 3 1/2% this year $120,000 dollars

I will leave room for others to respond

this will put some of us out of business

3 LEGGED STOOL - who T they πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©ing ???

Anonymous said...

Commodities up, Chris says "no problem!" His new PACE inspection program, offering as many as 60 store inspection visits per year (one every six days), will bankrupt you far faster by putting so much stress on our staffs that all your good people will quit from the stress. With no staff, you wont need to worry about commodities. All this approved and accepted by the feckless NFLA lemmings in the midst of both a hiring crisis, a pandemic, and pending unionization!! And the few sales you can garner, will all be OPNAD sponsored free food and discounts. There has NEVER been a worse time to be an owner operator.

Anonymous said...

Forget the "advice" from corp. RAISES PRICES NOW! All our competition is! And get rid of the profit killing $1 any size drinks and the GMA giveaways.

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs for the McDonald's System.
Chris K and Joe E gain financial windfalls on the expense of the Owner Operators balance sheet. While our Owner Operator Leadership allows the pilfering of our profits. 2021 after approving a Plan they abscond 50% funding of Archways, deliver a falsified bill for technology fees and to add insult to injury remove the Happy Meal Rebate. Yet again the SLT of McDonald's fills their pockets at the expense of the Owner Operators. Cashflow projected increases while again the SLT pilfers our funds. Removing the Rent rebates on delivery, pushing SAO and ten-year remodels. Deciding that they are now overseers of our people. Targeting our already stressed teams with scheduled inspections for Food Safety (our Health Departments already do this), Health and Safety after we just spent a fortune on MRP's and the ever-popular PACE visits. What a joke. Now NFLA wants dollars to help deliver the Owner Operators voice to the corporation? Why spend it when the corporation forces every demand out to the Owner Operator Community. When will we decide to all say no more and fight back.
Very concerned Owner Operator

Anonymous said...

No one to blame but BOD's what do they care.

Anonymous said...

How many females on the MCD BOD??
CRIS K. could go both ways for his / her job
Fire all the white makes and replace with female. is whatever alphabet
letter you want.

Heard we are having MCPLANT at Worldwide 

Dozens of our brothers & sisters will be out of business in a year or two SAD.
Never going to Worldwide again. Operators pay their own expense. CORPORATE SLIMES ARE PAID BY US IN SERVICE FEES. They can KISS MY A**

This is not the MCD I signed for 40 years ago. Many of my friends have left over the past 5 years, some not so fortunate. FEEL BAD FOR ANYONE IN THIS POSITION. MCD SCREWED THEM &

Anonymous said...

McDonalds announced the largest F&P increase ever seen. Owner cash flow will be down over $120,000 PER STORE when we include F&P, labor and fuel.

MCD released the changes to the Land Acquisition policy, which undid a significant amount of the gains made on new store and relo rent charts.

- and the final straw, the announcement of record pay and bonuses for corporate executives:

+$20,000,000.00 for Chris
+$7,600,000.00 for Joe

Owners will see one of the biggest declines in cash flow ever while McDonalds will see record operating income due to sales driven by price and economic policies that benefit them at the expense of owners. McDonald's is exposed to none of the headwinds owners will see.

These announcements need to be tied to the overall economic inequalities that are taking place at an alarming rate: taking back much of the rent chart gains we just agreed on, ROFR and raising rents at ROFR on sites below 11%, sales estimates on new and relo sites that make co-investment an economic burden, the continuation of shifting economics in areas like technology, training, 3rd party visits, the added cost and unreasonable pressure of mandated PBS visits and PACE audits, and on and on.

We need system solutions. We need a long term vision. And we need to be looking at the realities of the economic world in which we live. Has the NFLA betrayed us?

We need unity and strength today. Our "partner" is fleecing us.

Anonymous said...


If CRIS K follows Disney lead

I will WILL SMITH him at world wide

as far as the staffing goals


the BOD should reflect what MCD wants
60% women (not white) why stop
at 60%. /. Also should have gay
lesbian & the other alphabet people
AT WORLD WIDE - that would give
MCD great press. - just looked only
see 7 out of 17 - not sure if any
gay names

RICHARD always good to see your

Anonymous said...

Heres a thought. If you are going to WW, skip the US session. Let him speak to a half empty room. If you feel you must go, take a newspaper with you and bury your face in it when Chris or Joe speaks.

Our partners dont even listen to us anymore. The NFLA has been neutered.

Richard Adams said...

Of course, the NFLA has been neutered, the same as OPNAD. It's job one of the top executives at any franchise company to neuter the corporate-approved advisory board(s). And we all know how they do it. That's why it's important to maintain an active independent association.
Of course, the suits will try to destroy the effectiveness of the independent group but that's to be expected from the start. That's why the independent group must keep the suits at arm's length to minimize their influence. Try to turn your frustration into civil disobedience.

Anonymous said...

Richard I agree 1000%

Join and support our NOA!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol, anything thats led with direct ties to their individual growth. Will always be slanted and skewed. The NOA is as skewed. They had one potential opportunity to muster a coalition.. and were defanged for their attempt.

At this point, does it even matter? The persons that built the brand are essentially GONE. The current system is borrowing off the trust bank of the past. Soon , that too will be gone.

In todays inflationary market and rising supplier cost. With McDonald's bypassing franchisee pricing with the GMA. The only one making bank is the other legs of the stool.

Sad part is, newer generations that associate success with number of stores. They run into the same issues corporation had with McOpCo. Poorly run, no community tie and unprofitable. With a inability to understand PREDEBT verses POSTDEBT cashflow.

Intresting part, is our over leveraged system with rising interest rates.