Coalition of Franchisee Associations

March 5, 2022

Actions by Companies Concerning Russia

As we discussed, if you close stores they may never open again. Russia is not the USA. Franchise agreements and store leases mean nothing in a communist country. Stick with helping with the humanitarian crisis. Stay out of the politics.

Chains and food producers stay open in Russia/Ukraine

Here's an article listing companies that have taken action against Russia. Notice very few have brick-and-mortar locations that they intend to close. The Russian people love American food. One sure way to change that would be to close locations, putting thousands of their countrymen out of work.

Yahoo - Companies that have taken action against Russia


Anonymous said...

What's with the Yellow "M"logo in the signage in the photo?. It doesn't look correct.

Anonymous said...

They would be better served to stay open and give free food to people for as long as this lasts than to close. They will lose those units forever. Russians have long memories and the Russian consumer is NOT an inner circle Putin elite. They have zero to do with invading Ukraine so why punish them? The Russian government will not forget about it.