Coalition of Franchisee Associations

July 17, 2009

Got Another $150K Per Store?

I get the sense that the Wall Street types
know more than the "Bridge Operating Platform",
the replacement for the MFY kitchens, than
domestic McDonald's Owner/Operators.

The analysts ask about it all the time and
this firm even mentions it in their latest
report - Wedbush Morgan coverage is HERE


July 15, 2009

You Know More Than You Think

When discussing the prospect of communicating
with Wall Street investors franchisees often
express a concern about not feeling know -
ledgeable about the inner workings of the
stock market.

I've been working with Wall Street analysts
for a decade and a half and have rarely
discussed share prices or the securities

I've made it my practice to never express
opinions on the relative value of a company
or make projections on any share price. That's
not what the analysts are seeking. They're
interested in what franchisees running real
stores think about happenings in their

Analysts don't expect you to understand their
side of the business They're interested in
what you think about your business.


Fidelity Covers Both Sides of the Bet

Fidelity is now Starbuck's largest shareholder
and is also a major shareholder of MCD Corp.

McDonald's is 74% owned by institutional & mutual
fund owners, Starbucks just under 70%.




July 13, 2009

Burger King Franchisees Vote NO! (Again)

"Franchisees were concerned that their profits would be squeezed"

Franchisees concerned about profits and standing up to the
corporate browbeating - What a concept!



July 10, 2009

And So Begin the 2009 Burger Wars

While I don't have any names there must
be former McDonald's executives working
at Burger King Corporation.

They sure handle the arm twisting during
advertising votes in the same fashion!

Crain's Reports on the internal struggle


July 9, 2009

Vote 'Til You Get It Right

Burger King Operators have voted down the
$1.00 Double Cheese so management has scheduled
another vote for Friday.

Boy that sounds familiar!

Dow Jones Reports

The New Price Point - Free!

Posted below is the Oak Brook press release about
free McCafe Mondays - as if it's a good thing.

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