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March 28, 2015

5 Big Myths About What Millennials Truly Want

Everybody's got something to say about millennials. I'll add one more attribute that 
millennials have in larger doses than previous generations - they want and usually 
get instant gratification when making retail transactions.

Want to purchase some music? Download it instantly on your phone or watch a movie 

or a favorite TV show - now. Have some shopping to do? Amazon will have  your 
purchase on your doorstep tomorrow or the next day. Travel reservations? Instantly 
made and confirmed by E-mail or text.

This is one of the reasons QSR drive-thru % keep going up. As I've written before, 

my two millennial children haven't been inside a McDonald's since their last time in
a Playplace. But, they've made many, many trips through McDonald's drive-thrus.

Does this sound like a generation who'll patiently sit around a McDonald's dining room

for 8 to 10 minutes waiting for a customized burger to be delivered to their table?

Maybe they will - once.

5 Big Myths About What Millennials Truly Want -

3 Things Millennials Want in a Career

3 things millennials want in a career (hint: it’s not more money) - Fortune

March 24, 2015

Some Good Franchise History Here

This one year old article is by a liberal writer in a liberal publication promoting
the idea of a higher minimum wage. Beyond that, it contains a lot of good franchise
law information. Thanks again to the McDonald's Operator who sent in this link.

Big Whopper Economics by Josh Freedman - The Washington Monthly

March 17, 2015

Starbucks Baristas Free to Talk About Race with Customers

Some days Starbucks appears to be the best run company in the world and other days 
CEO Howard Schultz sounds like a blithering idiot. Last week Starbucks got a lot of 
press for a mobile ordering system that's supposed to deal with the lines of customers.
This week Schultz wants his people to stop the operation to talk with their customers
about race relations.

There are a lot of ways a company the size of Starbucks can impact such social issues. 
But, putting the responsibility on their front line employees and the customers they 
are trying to serve is just - felony dumb.

Fortune magazine reports

Mesozoic Marketing

It's encouraging to hear that 
McDonald's Operators in the USA 
are taking a hard look at OPNAD 
in conjunction with Oak Brook's 
plan to place decision making 
closer to the customer.

With this focus on local direction

along with changes in digital and 
social media OPNAD is becoming
an even bigger dinosaur.

Some previous discussion about OPNAD and some great Operator comments are HERE

March 16, 2015

SXSW 2015: McDonald's Looks To Wireless Charging, Tech Conveniences To Spur Turnaround

Best Operator label for this month's meeting in Las Vegas:

"Crap We Can't Afford Summit"

Chief digital officer is interviewed HERE

And also HERE 

McCashing In

On March 11 McDonald's VP Richard Floersch exercised his option on 23,173 shares of MCD 
and immediately sold them for a net gain $899,800.

March 13, 2015

Advice for Struggling McDonald's?

Another take on the "McDonald's, don't go changing" theme as proposed in the previously
posted article by NRN's Jonathan Maze. In fact this writer from the Tampa Bay Times
quotes Maze.

Advice for struggling McDonald's? Be McDonald's - Tampa Bay Times

March 12, 2015

McDonald's Might Change the Drive-Thru Menu

McDonald's Operators have been pleading with management for over a decade to 
simplify the menu and operations. Now that it's on the agenda McDonald's executives
are acting like it's all their idea.

Two of the top Oak Brook financial guys spoke at an investor conference last week 
and discussed the topic with analysts.

These two bean counters - who couldn't find the fry station in a McDonald's kitchen - 
said things like:

"It's actually making the menu easier for the customer to order and making the menu 
  easier for our crew and managers to execute,"

History repeats itself so, given they have zero operational knowledge or experience,  
someday one of these guys will probably be CEO of McDonald's.

McDonald's might change the drive-thru menu to a few of its most popular items - BI

Here's a transcript of the UBS consumer conference 

QSRs Are Taking Business From McDonald's

Lately there've been numerous negative articles about McDonald's that Operators 
probably don't want to to see. This NRN piece starts out that way but finance
writer Jonathan Maze makes the case that the competition has gained ground by 
simply copying McDonald's.

Please note the last two paragraphs.

Maybe McDonald's USA just needs a tweak instead of the reinvention the new 
management team has planned?
QSRs are taking business from McDonald's | Reporter's Notebook

March 10, 2015

'The Den' Targets Millennials

Denny’s 'The Den' concept targets Millennials - NRN

Easterbrook Ready for Job?

The ChiTrib reviews the past five McDonald's CEOs comparing sales, share price,
etc. during their individual regimes. After the text look for:

"Grading recent CEOs Click a button for more"

Easterbrook ready for job as McDonald's chief - Chicago Tribune

March 9, 2015

March 8, 2015

Don’t Let Unions Get Employee's Phone # and Email

The federal labor bureaucracy is attacking YOUR privacy. They just wrote new rules 
that will force your employer to hand over your personal email and phone number to 
union organizers. Luckily, you can do something about it. Congress will vote this week 
on legislation to stop the labor bureaucracy. You can stop union organizers from harassing
you day and night.

Send a letter to your Congressmen right now – tell them to STOP the unions!

And sign this petition online:

StandUnited | Petition | Protect My Privacy: Don’t Let Unions Get My Phone Number and Email Address:

McDonald's Executives See Urgent Need for Reset

"They said they would like to see wage costs rise in a staged way versus a big change
   all at once, echoing comments former CEO Don Thompson made in 2014."

"The company is still on track to return $18 billion to $20 billion to shareholders from 
   2014 to 2016"

 Company's financial leaders present at UBS conference

March 7, 2015

McDonald's & Antibiotics

McDonald's not alone nixing antibiotics

New York Times on McDonald’s

The NYT quotes the father of Ronald McDonald among others.

But there is a misstatement in the article. It says that we survey 1/3 of the
Operators every quarter. That would be nearly a thousand people. It would 
be impossible for this one-man shop to survey that many people. Our surveys 
involve less than 50 Operators. 

I talked to a lot of reporters last week but didn't discuss our surveys with any
of them. If I had I certainly wouldn't inflate the facts since the number of 
Operators surveyed is always on the cover page of the final survey report. 

Maybe someone on Wall Street provided that incorrect number.

McDonald’s Seeks Its Fast-Food Soul -