March 12, 2015

McDonald's Might Change the Drive-Thru Menu

McDonald's Operators have been pleading with management for over a decade to 
simplify the menu and operations. Now that it's on the agenda McDonald's executives
are acting like it's all their idea.

Two of the top Oak Brook financial guys spoke at an investor conference last week 
and discussed the topic with analysts.

These two bean counters - who couldn't find the fry station in a McDonald's kitchen - 
said things like:

"It's actually making the menu easier for the customer to order and making the menu 
  easier for our crew and managers to execute,"

History repeats itself so, given they have zero operational knowledge or experience,  
someday one of these guys will probably be CEO of McDonald's.

McDonald's might change the drive-thru menu to a few of its most popular items - BI

Here's a transcript of the UBS consumer conference 


Anonymous said...

Does the name Jack Greenberg ring any bells? Seems like the same level of store experience and acumen are steering the ship again (without a compass or GPS).What a shame and waste of Operators' time, efforts and investments. The process goes on....

Anonymous said...

history should teach the board that having too many accountants and marketing people making system decisions always screws things up.
Nothing can beat having actually run McDonald's restaurants. Does anyone know if Andres has any real ops experience?

Anonymous said...

We are being lead by two guys who were previously FIRED by McD. What could go wrong ?????!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At the summit, Andres predicted Inside store sales to rise by 70% by 2020. So this is how they are going to do it, FORCE customers to come inside ! That, coupled with the Build-Your-taste BOONDOGGLE, will make his prediction plausible.

Anonymous said...

No more Wraps in drive -thru ? (applause)

Now if we could just dump McCafe in DT also.,.........

Richard Adams said...

There have been a lot of questions about Andres' experience running real restaurants and this goal of drastically changing the DT/DR mix shows he might not understand McDonald's customers at all.

Any Operations person knows that Drive-Thru customers and eat-in customers are distinctly different people.