March 31, 2015

McDonald's: Not a 'Joint Employer'

McDonald's insists it's not a 'joint employer' in NLRB hearing - Chicago Business Journal


Anonymous said...

Thats funny. I cant do a darn thing in my store without their permission

Anonymous said...

Its never been your store. You just get to say it is.

Its your employees, because you are responsible to pay them. Its their employees only in corporate stores according to them.

Anonymous said...

Lets see......

I HAVE to use the vendors THEY approve
I HAVE to outfit my crew in uniforms THEY demand
I HAVE to train my people as they demand
I have to use the systems in my stores they say (RDM, MFY, etc)
I HAVE to certify my managers as they require (HU etc)


Nope, no joint employer here (sarc)