March 2, 2015

USA Today Discusses Easterbook's Options

New McDonald's CEO: What investors want to know


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Anonymous said...

2 or 3 years ago if someone told me we'd someday be testing a new sandwich platform that does not apply to drivethru I would have laughed my *** off. The new guy has a real opportunity to show some leadership by canceling or at least slowing down the test.

Richard Adams said...

It's not supposed to be a test. Don T. called it a "rolling implementation".
I think Wall Street would see it as a positive thing if it's canceled or drastically downsized. I've never talked to an analyst who liked the idea but they won't complain about it publicly.

Anonymous said...


Reduce Menu offerings..too many products..cut another 10-15 offerings

Replace BOD old timers and captive suppliers

Lower holding cabinet temps from 185 to 150 to avoid burgers "overcooking" into hockey pucks

Cut corporate staff another 15%


of course, NO ONE in Oak Brook listens to the field....We are doomed

Anonymous said...

Why wont they say what they think publicly? Arent they supposed to analyze things?

Richard Adams said...

It's generally too early for them to condemn the program. And, analysts are always pushing for "innovation" so to jump the gun and complain publicly about an attempt to innovate would be bad form.

Richard Adams said...

I agree with those "simple solutions" except lowering the cabinet temps.

Speaking as your customer - in addition to sometimes being dry the quarter patty is almost always just warm, not hot.

Speaking as a McDonald's veteran -

McDonald's over reacted to several competitor's food safety issues in the early 1990s and has been over cooking hamburger meat ever since.

As an operations veteran - I'd try leaving the cabinets the same (or hotter) and cook the meat a little less.

I'm not a big fan of Five Guys but the meat is hot off the grill!

Anonymous said...

those captive suppliers are a problem. Their very job is to take advantage of o/os.