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March 4, 2015

McDonald's Operators Will Like This Analyst

Management should get paid based on franchisee profitability - video


Anonymous said...

Rolling on floor laughing my butt off

Richard Adams said...

While management and the BOD would never go for it one can imagine the scope of the project necessary to tabulate the information. Operators and shareholders couldn't trust Oak Brook to assemble the data anymore than O.B. can be trusted for information on Operator cash flow today.

Actually it would be worse because instead of just deceitful internal politics management would be personally motivated to cook the books.

There would have to be an outside accounting firm (a big one) to gather and compile the information.
That firm could have no connection with McDonald's Corp. or McDonald's vendors. The firm would then report to the BOD because ultimately the board makes management pay decisions and that's not going to change.