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March 21, 2015

Grocery and C-Stores Challenge Fast Food

Grocery Store Food Service and Convenience Stores Challenge Fast Food - QSR magazine

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Anonymous said...

I thought their would be more outrage coming out of The Turnaround Summit. I do not have any confidence that this thing will be turned around in the next 2 years after attending, much less with this group of leaders.

At sometime we the operators are going to have to Shout enough is enough. I have spent 45 years as crew, O/O Mgmt, Corporate Staff & O/O. It seems to only get worse with each pasting day.

We need a Turnaround TODAY not 5 yrs down the road. Why can we not get leaders that are inspiring to the O/O's. Like cut the Service fee & OpNad Fee by .5% each for 24 months, to be used for putting more labor on the floor and doing something big in the O/O's marketplace or CoOp?

It is time for a Radical Change to Turn this "Thang Around".