March 10, 2015

Easterbrook Ready for Job?

The ChiTrib reviews the past five McDonald's CEOs comparing sales, share price,
etc. during their individual regimes. After the text look for:

"Grading recent CEOs Click a button for more"

Easterbrook ready for job as McDonald's chief - Chicago Tribune

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Anonymous said...

Two questions - 1. About the 100 to 150K for build a burger. What about the stores with lower that average sales, like 1.5 million? we will not be able to afford it. 2. Someone posted McDonslds was raising minimum wage in their stores. I am surrounded by several McCpCo stores that will be a killer as well. What is the outlook for this rumor? The turn around summit was just like the world wide just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Lost a few grand in travel and time as well. Other operators that I was with felt the same way. At at 5 Guys today. 20.00 for 2 of us. Busier than ---- Probably ran a 800 hour, with 5 crew. I probably would need 12 or 13. Maybe all of us need a meeting so we can come together. SORRY THAT JUST HAPPENED, MY BAD.