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March 7, 2015

New York Times on McDonald’s

The NYT quotes the father of Ronald McDonald among others.

But there is a misstatement in the article. It says that we survey 1/3 of the
Operators every quarter. That would be nearly a thousand people. It would 
be impossible for this one-man shop to survey that many people. Our surveys 
involve less than 50 Operators. 

I talked to a lot of reporters last week but didn't discuss our surveys with any
of them. If I had I certainly wouldn't inflate the facts since the number of 
Operators surveyed is always on the cover page of the final survey report. 

Maybe someone on Wall Street provided that incorrect number.

McDonald’s Seeks Its Fast-Food Soul -

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Richard Adams said...

Three tips for dealing with the press:

!) Be friendly

2) Don't expect everything you say to be published.

3) Be 100% truthfull.