March 25, 2015

Hedge Funds Still Salivating Over McDonald's Real Estate

Could this hedge-fund operator rescue McDonald's stock? - Joe Cahill - Crain's


Richard Adams said...

Depending on your visits to Crain's and how you handle cookies you may have to register your E-mail to see this entire article.

Anonymous said...

Splitting McD into two companys would be a disaster for shareholders and owner/operators.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, there is a lot of value to be unlocked in MCD real estate. No question about it. However, before selling its soul to the REITs how about increasing its sales and reducing the costs in the regions. MCD remains bloated in many areas and there is a lot of value that can be unlocked by further cutting staff and meaningless programs. There remains a lot that can be done before selling the real estate.