Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 21, 2015

Thinking About OPNAD

With all the changes going on in McDonald's in addition to the revolution in media 
and advertising this might be a good time for McDonald's Operators to do some 
thinking about OPNAD.

OPNAD was formed in 1967 when gas was 33¢ a gallon, a fully loaded Mustang fast

back was $3,000, Elvis had not yet begun his comeback, and Super Bowl One had
just been played.

So before OPNAD joins the AARP McDonald's Operators might ask hard questions:

* Is OPNAD still relevant?

* Does OPNAD have anything to do with my franchise agreement(s)?

* Is an OPNAD pledge binding?

* With the changing media landscape is a huge national spend necessary?
   Or does it just give Oak Brook control over the message/agenda?

* Does OPNAD represent the interests of its contributors?

I know one thing about OPNAD - McDonald's shareholders count mightily on OPNAD 

to protect their investment in the system. The typical McDonald's investor knows little 
about OPNAD except they assume McDonald's Operators are legally obligated by their franchise agreements to contribute to OPNAD.

And management leaves investors with the impression that all advertising decisions and stewardship of the advertising budget come from Oak Brook. It's the same way manage -

ment lets investors believe that Oak Brook makes all menu pricing decisions.

Since I don't follow OPNAD discussions and meetings I would be unaware of substantial changes to OPNAD that are already moving forward.

The next two weeks are a perfect time to ask such questions. 



Anonymous said...

OPNAD is full of traitorous operators who sell out their fellow operators for personal gain. Opnad leaders like Frederick Huebner III and Jonah Kaufman should be shunned , They are kiss up traitors to the operator body! Case in point--WHY was the recent Super Bowl "Lovin" free food giveaway not presented to the field for a VOTE??

The WORST is yet to come ! Just wait and see how the McD app gives away the store !!

Anonymous said...

OPNAD is the definition of bullying. No obligation to belong. Just intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Dont sign an Opnad Pledge Card? You will be deemed unexpandable, and harassed by all manner of field consultants and ops people, your life will become miserable with the increased McD attention you will attract!

Anonymous said...

We have heard we need to get back to local grass roots "street fighting" tactics to recover market shares. The advertising venue has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and if we don't turn our strategy away from generic TV and a diminishing radio market we are continuing to throw our money away for the sake of shoring up a tarnished brand. If we can not return to being the icon within our own neighborhoods by truly controlling our own destinies and dollars what good is OPNAD? We need to reinvest locally and take the fight local.

Anonymous said...

If we are goinng to start taking our focus off "old" competitors like BK and WEN and go after 5 Guys, Chipolte, and Panera then we don't need as much muscle in our national program but should devote more resources locally.