February 2, 2015

A Unique Take on Chipotle as it Relates to McDonald's

This extensive article includes perspective from all sides of the McDonald's - 
Chipotle relationship.

Chipotle: The Definitive Oral History - Bloomberg

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Anonymous said...

Owner Operator's/Indentured Servant's when we come out of our "Stepford Wives" Numbness and earnestly realize that the McDonald's Model is not what it used to be, then many of us should start planning how to get out of this before all our equity is gone. Read the Article about Chipolte'. I remember an Operator telling me years ago "are you going to believe in a 10 year company (Chipolte') or one that has a 45 year history (McDonald's) The clues have been right in front of us, and for McDonalds to not apply any of the learning's from Helping Chipolte' become what it is today is plain ARROGANT! Rome is burning!