February 15, 2015

Panera Off to a Slow Start With Panera 2.0

QSR Operators should keep an eye on Panera - they are out front on many things
digital and have hit some speed bumps.

"Among other things, Panera said it is scheduling extra staff to handle the additional 
work created by digital and custom orders. That extra labor increases costs at a time 
when restaurant margins already are feeling the pinch of minimum wage increases 
and other expenses."

Panera reveals progress on efforts to boost speed, shares drop


Anonymous said...

I disagree. Will make the same mistake McDonalds made. Concentrate on the FOOD. The only reason I go to Panera is for the "Broccoli Soup". Good brand, don't need technology to make the experience any better

Anonymous said...

Technology may not be the blessing some operators think it will be. Wait until the McD app is widespread, Oak Brook will be downloading FREE food and BOGOs to it that we will forced to accept, increasing promo and food costs and killing profitability! These will not be voted on by the field or approved of beforehand by operators (just like the Super Bowl Giveaway that was never Field voted on !)

Richard Adams said...

The digital coupons and BOGOs will be very hard for OPNAD and the Co-Ops to control. How do they know who's distributing them and how frequently?

I've done a lot of reading on this topic and every article mentions "loyalty programs". That's just someone at an advertising agency managing a free food program.