February 19, 2015

What Will Become of Build-A-Burger?

Many McDonald's watchers are asking if the new CEO will move forward with CYT or 
stop it in its tracks. He has about two weeks to make that call. If he doesn't kill it or substantially slow it down in the first week of March - he owns it.

And he could get away with it at this time, Wall Street might applaud the decision. 

The failure of the test would go on his predecessor's record. If he waits six months 
after putting more resources behind it - the test will be his failure.

What do McDonald's Operators think? Or do Operators know enough about the test 

to have an opinion?


Anonymous said...

You have to wait for the turnaround summit...

Richard Adams said...

Hence the two week time frame.

Anonymous said...

It concerns that the new guy has his experience in europe where as I understand they don't have all that many drivethrus. Will he understand the importance of our drivethru business and how crazy it is to have a new product line only at the front counter?

Anonymous said...

I think they kill it as a way to show there's a new sheriff in town.

Anonymous said...

I Believe he will continue with this and will probably accelerate
the process .Apparently he does not have much patience

Anonymous said...

Easterbrok has said positive things about cyt but that may mean nothing since he was working for DT at the time. He could please a lot of O/Os by stopping the test.

Anonymous said...

It would please a lot of o/os if we didnt have to spend 100k a store for a unproven plan.

Anonymous said...

Most of my stores are in high income areas and we did well with the Angus line and it hurt to take it out. So we would like and need a high end product. But it has to be available in drive through or it will be a wasted venture.

Anonymous said...

As in Bob Marley's song "I shot the sheriff"

"Every time I plant a seed,
He said kill it before it grow,
He said kill them before they grow."

And that's what they should do with CYT.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he slows it down and lower the profile and then if they kill it later it won't be a big deal.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a similar concept in Atlanta. It goes well with almost all stores (New or Older). Cost less than a Grand to get in. And goes in the D/T as well. The only thing it did not have was the Kiosks, and Baskets.

Seems like there are several ways to do a Premuim Burger at McD. Just that The Corp. only chooses the most expensive.

I will be a Late adopter if at all of CYT. On the other hand I am intrigued with the other concept.

Anonymous said...

Build a burger isn't an issue, other than its theme.

"have your way" has been a methodology since Burger King introduced it.

What is needed is a simple translate to advertise all the add-on's available - not a change to the production system.

What needs to be killed is this HOLISTIC VALUE test - which is the dumbest thing ever attempted.

Anonymous said...

No one NO ONE is ever going to come to McDs and pay a higher price for a substandard burger and even if there was the great second coming of the best burger ever we can not CAN NOT overcome the stigma the media and the mentality of the customer we created and nurtured with fast cheap dollar menu crap. It's the same uphill ignorance that has us invested into strategies to combat chicken competition and Starbucks. Who really thinks we won over Starbucks customers? Why do we continue to believe we can be something we will NEVER be?