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February 3, 2015

Does This Make Anyone Else Uncomfortable?

Smile Dude, You're getting free food!

Say I'm the next person in line to be served by
this crew person who high-fived, fist-bumped, 
or shook hands with a customer(s). Will she or
he wash their hands before handling my food?

Am I being too much of a germaphobe?

There's a lot of cute activity being pictured on 
social media but is physical contact with a bunch
of customers an appropriate activity in a food
service environment?


Anonymous said...

This writer from the Wall Street Journal felt uncomfortable....

Richard Adams said...

She did not like being asked to dance, of course Kate is an adult.

Anonymous said...

We actually had a "winner" so embarrassed by the celebration hoopla that she left her food on the counter and WALKED OUT!
My stores are DONE with this FOOLISHNESS.
Wahl & Co should be terminated.