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October 16, 2017

Where's The Fake Beef?

The Race to Find Meatless Protein Products - WSJ


Richard Adams said...

This article mentions a company named "Beyond Meat". Former McDonald's CEO Don Thompson serves on their board of directors.

Anonymous said...

My comments below are for the US consumer market.

The whole thing that is dumb about making a vegetarian burger patty that “tastes like beef” most people who are vegetarians / vegans do not like the taste of beef that is why many of them do not eat beef; I realize many more have other reasons why they do not eat beef. The more you try to make it taste like beef the worst is usually tastes.

Vegans are also never going to eat a highly processed food manufactured protein burger, vegetarians maybe. Also, McD’s and most fast foods are not going to get vegans coming in just because of all the other products fast foods serve and very limited vegetarians visiting.