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March 27, 2013

Does McDonald's Have 'Anti-Veto Vote' Menu Items?

I've never bought into the "Veto Vote" theory. It's just that - a theory
some marketing guy dreamed up to justify expanding menus. Maybe
I don't buy it because during the thousands of lunches I've shared
with a group I've never heard the restaurant decision made by a 
menu "Veto".

The decisions are always between a quick lunch at a QSR or a longer
meal at a Chili's/Friday's, or a special occasion at Ruth's Chris.

And, if the choice is a QSR it's only about one thing, how long is the
line in the drive-thru? If someone in the car had a previous bad
experience with the service at a proposed QSR that "Veto Vote" is
very effective.

At a QSR doing 75% of sales in the drive-thru speed trumps menu
options every time.

How McDonald's Uses 'Anti-Veto Vote' Menu Items - Business Insider:

1 comment:

Richard Adams said...

This Business Insider article lists the Southern Style Chicken sandwich as one of McDonald's "anti-veto vote". If that was true the typical store would be selling more than just a few of the sandwiches a day.