Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 4, 2007

Some History - Franchise Equity Group

Here's a 2003 article from Nation's Restaurant News
about franchise consulting that details Jim Johnaseen's
response to my claim that McDonald's screws down the selling
price when an Operator is leaving the McDonald's system.

He repeats the statment (from 1986): "McDonald's has made more
millionaires than any other business".

What's that go to do with anything? That doesn't justify
aggressively devaluing stores.

If an Operator has $5 Million in equity and they walk with
$1.5 Million that doesn't make it right.



Richard Adams said...

The pro-franchisor "experts" always want to describe anyone who does any franchise consulting as "angry" - as though they undoubtedly have a bone to pick with the franchise company.

They just can't stand to have anyone giving their franchisees any advice or another point of view.

No anger here - just 43 years of experience.

Anonymous said...

Much like an over-aggressive union,McD control over franchisees needs to be challenged. Sadly , the O/O community has neither the guts or the cajones to challenge corp on this, even though a united operator front could positively dictate Corp behavior, and insure system equity.