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July 1, 2024

Investors Don't Like McDonald's $5.00 Meal Deal

$5 menu has not impressed investors - 24/7 WallSt


Anonymous said...

Base food increase with this $5.00 meal is off the charts

Anonymous said...

So now, here comes a $3 meal

Anonymous said...

Yes-Owners do not like it either.
Again too afraid to speak against it as they will send in more inspectors, add additional equipment requirements while charging more money on the Owners P&L. This while threating to place everyone that speaks against them in the CURE process. It is not leadership SLT demonstrates it is pure control and demand that they have learned from McKinsey, SLT have zero restaurant experience and or success.

Richard Adams said...

No doubt, so few McOpCos means fewer corporate people will have real-restaurant experience. Oh well, as long as they attended an Ivy League school, it will be alright.