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June 28, 2024

McPlant Gets Final Burial

Disscussion by McPres at WSJ Global Food Forum


Anonymous said...

I will never understand who thought that people who refuse to eat meat would go to a restaurant that serves more cows than anyone else on the planet.

Richard Adams said...

How are Electric Vehicles (EVs) and fake meat alike? There is a certain element in the population that thinks it is the job of activists (greenies) and the government to determine what companies sell and what consumers buy. They think that if the availability of less politically correct products is limited, consumers will be happy to buy the activist-approved product.

And there are plenty of corporate, advertising, and marketing people who buy into the activist's philosophy.

The testing of fake meat at McDonald’s disproves this theory, but on a larger scale, the growing rejection of EVs is a more dramatic example. The trouble is that the government's push to eliminate fossil fuel vehicles has the potential to really mess up the automotive industry. We can already see this in the lousy economics of electric vs. fossil-fueled vehicles. The consumer is paying the price.

The failure of fake meat at McDonald’s won’t have much impact on our overall economy, but the activists will now push even harder to destroy the entire domestic meat industry.

That would impact our overall economy.