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June 17, 2024

McDonald's Has No Artificial Intelligence

There is some humor in how reporters and analysts think about drive-thru technology. They seem to think the answer to everything in drive-thru is faster ordering. Of course, that's the only part of the operation they can see and hear. This is why McDonald's management can generate headlines about AI but can't actually make it work. 

McDonald's ending AI drive-thru ordering - FOX News

Jonathan Maze recaps history of McDonald's DT tech


Anonymous said...

Why not? Our in store technology is ancient garbage from 20 years ago, often breaks down, and is incredibly expensive. Mcd tech STINKS

Anonymous said...

Statement is not true. Our AI is the SLT a bunch of inexperienced restaurant individuals listening to a bunch of McKinsey Consultants.
Our Tech fees just supplement their golden parachutes.
What a mess, now it our fault as sales suffer and we give away more food than a soup kitchen.
Sad days in McDonald Land.

Richard Adams said...

This all gives me flashbacks to the days we installed the first cashier booths. It improved our drive-thru times unless you included the amount of time the "pulled" cars had to wait out in the parking lot. We were faster in drive-thru but the production system could not keep up.

Anonymous said...

10 lbs of poo will never fit in a 5 lb bag no matter how much software you attach to it.

You can only prep and cook so many meals at a time.