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June 8, 2024

Congressman Kevin Hern (R-OK) on Joint Employer

Former McDonald's Owner/Operator takes on Joe Biden


Anonymous said...

Fellow O/Os, Kevin needs our help. Please donate:

Anonymous said...

Biden isn't only offering up a complete surrender of the American Dream to fact union bosses, he is also serving it up for destruction to fact plaintiff lawyer parasites who donate to him heavily.

We always knew that Biden was for sale, but now we see that once he had the power to sell all the rest of us, too, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. How much cash did you really get, Joe Biden?

Anonymous said...

Hern is in the pocket of the anti franchisee IFA. LOOK IT UP. THEY ARE BIG TIME DONORS TO HIM. And guess who sits on the board of the IFA? McDonalds Corp.!! Tread wisely.

Richard Adams said...

This could be the very definition of the “strange bedfellows” we hear about in politics.
As we’ve discussed before, McDonald’s Owner/Operators need to work with the IFA. Yes, the IFA is an association of franchisors, but on some issues, it has common interests with its franchisees. On other issues, not so much.
An elected official can’t get involved in the internal politics of every group that endorses them. Kevin Hern has the advantage of knowing what it’s like to be under the thumb of a franchisor. How many in Congress can say the same?
This is all about Joint-Employer, in my humble opinion, the biggest threat franchisees face (other than inflation, regulations, and the Biden administration in general).
On this issue, franchisees everywhere, and the IFA need each other.

Anonymous said...

IFA has powerful franchisees on its board as well as big franchisors. The past chair is franchisee and the current chair was a franchisee before taking over his franchisor.

The IFA board just introduced a franchisee protection law in California that give franchisees the right to sue franchisors and brokers if they get ripped off by brokers who make false statements to land a sale. SB 919. Its not all IFA protecting franchisors fro joint employer (but that is a bog part of what they do). IFA worked with CFA to do this. It passed a few committees already. It will eventually be a national bill and Hern will help.

Its a balance, but on the whole IFA is there to protect the franchise model itself, which does not exist without franchise investors

In any event, this is no reason not to immediately join NOA, which is a member of CFA. CFA represents ONLY FRANCHISEES. Don't complain, join NOA and get to work on your own behalf. .

Richard Adams said...

The world of McDonald's franchising is actually pretty straightforward. Other systems involve territories, area developers, brokers who rep multiple brands, more complicated financing, and on and on. Nobody should expect the IFA to take on individual issues or solve the internal problems of one particular brand.

Fun fact: Until about 20 years ago, the IFA was franchisors only; no franchisees allowed. I'm told the thing that scared them into allowing franchisees was the threat of "franchisee-friendly" Federal legislation.

Anonymous said...

Richard, the franchise relationship laws popping up did indeed wake up IFA, which was a strictly pro-franchisor association for many years. These laws pop up now every single year in a handful of states (nd passed in several, most notably CA, where AB 525 has even been amended to be more protective of franchisees). Thank you, CFA!!! )of which NOA is a member that pushes for these franchisee protections).

IFA has indeed woken up to the need to protect franchisees. Franhcising cannot exist without franchisee investors. They are the base, and franchisees getting ripped off, especially in the age of the internet where everyone can see it, destroys the franchise model.

IFA is NOT a police force to punish bad franchisors. I don't think that anyone wants a trade association to be your judge when its members get to put on a robe because they simply said a fee.
It is a trade association. It does skew to franchisors because they pay its bills, but the best franchisors KNOW that they need happy and prosperous franchisees. Rip off artists are in it for the short term.

CFA is only representing franchisees 100%. I recognizes good franchisrors and their leaders who actually work to help their franchisees prosper so there is some balance on the part of both IFA and CFA, but the industry needs them both.

Join NOA and go to some CFA meetings. Protect your own business. These groups needs their members to be active. Maybe even attend an IFA event or two and speak up. No one knows your issues unless you voice them.