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July 8, 2024

McDonald's NASCAR Chicago Street Race


Well, it wasn't really a "McDonald's" race, the first Chicago NASCAR race (2023) just looked that way based on photos and videos. I watched most of last year's race live and was surprised at how much visibility the McDonald's logo received. McDonald's banners covered many of the walls and barriers that made up the racecourse. These banners always seemed to be on camera. I couldn't help but wonder how much this cost.

Later, I learned the facts. Because it rained for much of the race, the TV cameras installed on high-up scaffolding or on the sides of buildings were temporarily disabled, leaving the ground-level cameras to cover the race. This meant shooting straight across the course with the racecars in the foreground and the McDonald's banners constantly in the background.

It sure looked like a race entirely sponsored by McDonald's.

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